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  1. Hi,
    You have some photo’s of a gorgeous bedroom wall color in a deep teal/ peacock blue. Someone asked you for the color and you replied that it was Olympic “Jamaican Breeze”. It is exactly the color we’re looking for, for our bedroom. Only problem… There is no such color by Olympic. In fact, when I put the paint color in quotes in google, your blog is the only hit I get. So, just curious if it may have been Jamaican Dream. It’s actually the only paint color by Olympic with the word Jamaican in it. I know you had it color matched w/ Valspar. I’m hoping you still have a can laying around for touch ups that may actually have the color and or code listed. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Thanks. Much Appreciated.


    Amanda Reply:

    You are correct – I misspoke originally – the color was Jamaican Dream!


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