February Organize-A-Thon: The Round-Up

At the beginning of last month, I challenged y’all to an “Organize-A-Thon.” For those of you who missed it, the challenge involved cleaning and/or organizing one room or area of your home every week during the month of February. For Corey and I, this challenge ended up being hugely helpful, and we managed to knock out our office, closets, garage, and our entryway console. I feel so relieved to have all of these little areas in our home clean, and it is so nice to be able to find things easily when I need them now!

But this post isn’t about us. Oh no, it’s about you. When I issued the challenge, I promised that if you blogged (or took photos of) your organizing project, I’d feature them all here in one big post. I’ve read every post that you guys e-mailed or linked back to me, and it’s been so much fun to see y’all get organized along with us.

So, without further ado, here are the organizing projects that YOU took on this month:

First up is Maria over at Folksy Home. She was awesome enough to send over not just one, but THREE amazing organization projects.

She organized hers kitchen cabinets first – and I know how much of a difference that can make. Kitchen cabinets are the sort of thing that will drive you absolutely batty if they aren’t perfectly organized, and I’m a bit obsessive about keeping mine in order!

Kitchen cabinets aren’t one of those things that make a huge visual impact when they’re organized, but it can change your life (what? Me? Dramatic? Never!) if they’re organized right.

The next week, she took on her craft box – and she and her husband blew my mind by not only organizing it but by totally building a new shelving system for it! I’m completely impressed.

And finally, she organized her medicine cabinet – another one of those things that will drive you nuts if it isn’t organized. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to curse my cabinet because of all the medicine falling on me while I’m trying to grab a Band-Aid.

Again – not one of the projects that would make it onto Pinterest for being beautiful, but it makes life so much easier!

Next up is Brooke at Killer B Designs, who took one a major organization project – her craft closet. And, typical to Brooke’s hardcore style, she couldn’t just organize it. She had to completely renovate it from top to bottom, including building her own desk area!

Ah-may-zing. Brooke, wanna come over to my house and build me a craft closet exactly like yours? I’m smitten! You can check out her full post for a ton of details on how she did it, along with more photos.

Katie over at And I With You got ambitious and totally organized two rooms in her house – her guest room…



…and her office:



I’m seriously impressed with how much she got done, and I love how much cleaner the rooms look. I find that, for us at least, extra rooms like offices and guest rooms are rooms that we don’t use often enough to really feel like they need to stay clean – so it’s super easy for them to get out of control! But no matter how infrequently we use them, it feels amazing to have them nice and organized!

And finally, we have Sara at Sincerely Sara, who took on a major closet overhaul.



I love the shelving system she used for her shoes, and I am so jealous of how nice and organized her closet is now! Mine and Corey’s master closet is more or less a disaster, and it could really use some help – Sara’s project really makes me want to get working on our own closet!

Whew – I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling seriously inspired. I know I just spent an entire month organizing various parts of my home, but I’m kind of feeling like I want to do even more after seeing all of these fabulous projects. I know there were a ton more of you who said you wanted to participate, so if you cleaned or organized anything this month and didn’t get a chance to send me an email, feel free to link up in the comments – I’d love to see all of your projects!

What needs organizing in your home? I know I still desperately need to tackle our master closet and our laundry closet!