If We Were Moving…

First off, let me just make sure we’re all clear here: Corey and I are NOT moving. We have no plans to move for at least the next 5-10 years (unless something drastic changes), and even if we were in a financial position to do so, we have no desire to leave our home right now.


I’ve had moving on the brain. So many of my favorite bloggers are moving/buying new houses right now (see exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C), and we just helped one of our friends move into a new house too. I’m jealous. There’s just something so special and exciting about looking at houses, dreaming about which one might be right for you, and when you finally choose, moving into your new, empty home with so much possibility laid out in front of you.

I mean, if we’re being realistic, I hate the actual process of moving. Packing, loading up the UHaul, and unpacking for weeks is absolute hell, but all that other stuff? The parts where you get to choose new paint colors and pick out where to put everything, and that first night spent in your new home? That’s the best.

So, since I’ve been thinking so much about the wonders of moving and I’ve been so jealous of these people who get to start fresh in a new house, Corey and I have been chatting a bit about what we would like to do differently the next time around. Don’t get me wrong, we love our house, but there is always room for improvement! So, today I’m going to run through a quick list of what we would want in a new house if we were moving. Because, sometimes it’s just fun to dream, right?!

1. Master bedroom on the first floor

We love having a two-story house. It’s nice that half of the house doesn’t really need to be cleaned when we have guests over, because no one will be going upstairs, and we like having the two areas separate. We also end up with a much bigger backyard, because our square footage goes up, not out. BUT. If we were moving, I think it would be more important for us to have the master on the first floor, rather than upstairs with the rest of the rooms. Right now, this isn’t something that impacts us hugely, but I think when we have kids it would be nice to have some separation from them (so if they stay up all night giggling with each other, we don’t have to hear it!), and it would be nice not to have to trudge up the stairs every time we need something from our room.

2. Non-textured walls (or, less textured walls at least)

(This room showcases our weirdest texture on the walls!)

This one sounds silly, right? But, um, SERIOUSLY. Next time we move, we will NOT have textured walls or ceilings. It’s a little touch, but it’s something that makes a huge difference in how fresh and updated the house feels. Our walls have a really thick texture (and in some rooms, a really weird one), and it’s one of those little things that just drives us nuts. And the ceilings? I honestly have no idea why popcorn ceilings ever existed, but they are the WORST! We could always scrape the popcorn off, I know, but with our vaulted ceilings it would be a huge undertaking and we aren’t quite sure we want to go there yet.

3. A well-maintained exterior

Our house has some okay curb appeal from far away. It’s a relatively cute house, the colors aren’t too offending, and the lawn looks pretty nice. But up close, it’s like a horror movie. The colors are both very muddy and weird, and there’s no real classification for what color they are. Tan-ish, cream siding? Or is it peach? Pink? Blue trim? Or is it more gray?

And the paint job?

I’m fairly confident whoever did it was blind. There is paint splattered everywhere. On the brick. On the roof. On the part under the roof. On the window frames. It’s more or less the worst paint job ever. And we won’t even get into the status of the wood siding. It’s splintering, peeling, and just not looking so hot anymore. And, obviously, that’s going to be a huge amount of money to actually fix. Which means for the time being (aka: a very, very long time), we’re just going to have to deal with it.

4. A better neighborhood.

Really, we love most of the things about our neighborhood. It’s in a great location that is continually growing and expanding, there’s no HOA so we don’t have to worry about pesky fines for leaving our trash can out too long, and it’s an older neighborhood so there are lots of pretty trees.


There’s no HOA, which means lots of people don’t take care of their yards. And our neighbors aren’t super friendly (no block parties here!), and some of them are downright rude. I think the next time around we will focus a little more on the actual feel of the neighborhood and whether or not it is a friendly, well-maintained place. We certainly don’t feel unsafe in our neighborhood or anything, but it sure would be nice to at least be on a first-name basis with the people who live next to us.


Do I sound like I hate my house now after all that complaining? I promise I don’t. Let’s balance it out with a few things we did totally and completely right when we moved here.

1. The floor plan is open but defined, and it feels unique.

I don’t really know how to explain this one, but there’s just a feeling I get in some typical suburban homes that I’ve seen that floor plan a million times. They all look the same to me. This one, however, has a different feel to it and I love it. Maybe it’s just because it’s older, but there’s something about the layout of our house that makes it feel a little different from your standard neighborhood home and I love that. I also love that our floor plan is very open on the first floor, with the kitchen, dining, and living rooms basically being one big room, but it’s also defined enough that there’s a clear distinction between each room, so it doesn’t just feel like one giant space.

2. We have a huge backyard.

The backyard was a big factor for us when we were looking for houses, and I think we knocked it out of the park. We absolutely love our yard (though it definitely needs some love – and a patio – to be in even better shape) and it’s perfect for our dogs. They have a ton of room to run and play, and Corey and I love the beautiful trees that came with the house.

3. We have vaulted ceilings.

(An old photo, but it shows the ceiling well!)

I adore high ceilings. They make a room feel so much bigger and brighter, and we were lucky enough to get them in the living room, our bedroom, and the master bathroom. They may have made painting the rooms a bit (a lot) harder, but they’re so worth it!

4. We live close to family.

(From making gingerbread houses with my sister and her family this past Christmas!)

Our neighborhood may not be our favorite, but we’ll gladly trade the friendly neighbors and well-kept streets for the proximity we have to my sister and her family. We’re walking distance from their house, which makes hanging out with them super convenient. We’re also close to both sets of parents, as well as just about everything else we could possibly want. Who needs a super awesome neighborhood when you have a super awesome sister just right down the road?

5. We have lots of room for improvement.

One of the best things about our house was also one of the few things on our non-negotiable list when we were house hunting: we wanted a house in need of some love. And boy, did we get it. Most of the functional parts of our house were just fine when we moved in (aside from the windows), but there was so much work to be done cosmetically, and we love that we get to do all of that work and do it exactly the way we want it. We’ve made a lot of progress over the last almost-two-years of living here (which you’ll hear all about next month with the 2-year house tour!), but we still have a very long ways to go, and I’m excited to keep working on and improving our house!

What are some things you’ll do differently next time you move? On the flip side, what do you love about where you live?

Friday Finds

Happy Friday, friends!

Let’s just dive right in today and check out the awesome stuff I found on Pinterest this week. I’m pretty excited about a few of these projects!!

(Via Miss Mustard Seed)

This is such an awesome tip about cleaning wood pieces that are old and scratched/dried out. Who knew oil and vinegar could make such a huge difference! This is definitely going to make me think twice about some of those gorgeous but beat-up old dressers I stumble on sometimes – apparently it’s pretty simple to make them look a million times better!

(Via That’s My Letter)

LOVE THIS! I love door decorations, but I’m not a huge fan of wreaths at any time other than Christmas. This is such a cute and simple way to add a little fun to your front porch and I’m already dreaming about how I can adapt this for our house!

(Via Little Green Notebook)

You guys know Jenny is moving right? Because I am SO EXCITED about her new house and I can’t wait to follow along and see how she makes it amazing. Between her new house, John & Sherry moving, and Daniel & Max’s new house I’m kind of wishing Corey and I were moving, too! Don’t worry, there aren’t actually any moving plans in our future, but all these awesome houses dripping with potential are making me jealous!

(Via Shanty 2 Chic)

This outdoor table is amazing! I absolutely love the casual, rustic look and the full plans are included! I’m definitely saving this guy for when Corey and I finally get around to tackling our backyard – I’m hoping next summer!

(Via Urbanic Paper)

OBSESSED. This is such a gorgeous and simple-looking project. I have a feeling I’m going to have to try this out sometime soon because I am all over it. So incredibly gorgeous!

What did you find inspiring this week?

Friday Finds

It’s Friday! And for me, it’s the last Friday of school! Whoop!

But, before I go enjoy the last day of school, let’s look at some amazing inspiration from around the internet.

(Via Slide Out Shelf Dallas)

This is genius. Seriously – I am constantly digging around in my pantry, trying to see the things in the very back of the shelves, and there’s always that one thing I can never find no matter how hard I look. With something like this, though, you’d always be able to see everything – what a smart idea!

(Via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

I love everything Sarah does, but this table seriously takes the cake. My eyes were popping out of my head while I was reading this post and I’m already trying to figure out how I can create something like this. Love, love, love. It’s perfect. Make me one, Sarah?

(Via Sand & Sisal)

Tulips are my current favorite flower. They’re so pretty, simple, and I kind of want to coat my entire house in them all the time. I look for them every time I’m in the grocery store, and when they have them I can’t resist buying at least three or four bouquets. I absolutely LOVE the look of this – it makes them even prettier if that’s possible. I am determined to try this sometime soon!

(Via Metal and Mud)

Can you believe these are just plain ol’ pushpins? I love the creativity here – and it’s so simple! I don’t know that I’d ever actually have the patience for something like this, but it looks gorgeous – wouldn’t it be so great in an entryway?

(Via Planet Natural)

Corey and I really want to do some raised garden beds in our backyard, and I LOVE the look of this. Plain wooden garden beds can get a little boring, and I think it’s such a smart idea to think outside the box and plant some stuff in a different kind of container. I also love the fence they have here – we’re going to have to do something like this once we get our beds started (because, um, three dogs).

Well, I’m off to get through the last (half) day of school before summer vacation! Let’s hope it goes by quickly.

What have you been inspired by this week?

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! No commentary with the post today because as I write this on Thursday evening I’m preparing to go watch some of my students perform in a musical at my school, so I’m short on time. But I promise all of these posts are worth clicking through on, because the inspiration is awesome. Enjoy!

(Via Chris Loves Julia)

(Via Sawdust Girl)

(Via Little Green Notebook)

(Via This Old House)

(Via Four Generations One Roof)

What inspired you this week?


Southern Living Showcase Home (Part 2)

Quick announcement before we get started – voting for the first round of Creating With the Stars is officially OPEN! I can’t tell you which project is mine, but you should definitely go check out all of the awesome projects and vote on your favorite. Seriously. Go now – this post will still be here when you come back!


You back? Okay. Let’s get started.

Remember that amazing house that we drooled over together last week?

Mmm, well it’s time to finish drooling over it. The Southern Living Showcase home that I went to check out recently was so incredibly large that there was no way I could fit all of the inspiration into one post. I tried, but I took over 100 photos and it was impossible to narrow them all down to just one post. So today, we’re back to check out all of the bedrooms and bathrooms that we haven’t seen yet.

You ready to be wowed?

Okay, well let’s start off back in the living room. Remember it?

Ahh, so gorgeous. Well, if you head down that hallway you can see to the left of the fireplace, you can access two of the five (!) bedrooms in this house. First up? The master.

Yeah, that’s right – I’m starting off with a bang.

I’m so inspired by everything in this room. I love the neutral color palette and the insanely cushy looking bed. I also love the beams on the ceiling, and that giant wall of windows (you can’t see out of them because it was too bright, but the view was the same view from the patio, which we all know was amazing).

I’m also a huge fan of the wall color – it’s almost white, but not quite. It’s just this gorgeous, super-pale gray that makes the whole room feel bright and airy.

My favorite part of the entire house just happens to be right off of the master bedroom – the master bathroom.

Drool. Once again, it’s mostly shades of white and light gray which creates an incredibly serene feeling and makes me never want to leave.

This mirrored wall was hands down my favorite part of the bathroom and one of the things I found most inspiring in the whole house. I had never seen an entire wall mirrored like this in a bathroom, and I’m in love with the effect it creates. It made the entire bathroom feel larger (like it needed to feel any bigger…) and was just incredibly gorgeous. This is definitely an idea I’ll be keeping in mind when Corey and I do our master bathroom, because I think it could work really well in our bathroom, too!

Oh, and I also adored the backsplash in this room.

Need a closeup?

I’ve seen this tile all over the place online, but this was my first time seeing it in person. The textured effect it creates is stunning, and I kind of wanted to stand there and stroke it for a few minutes. It was amazing.

The shower was also just a little bit impressive.

Oh, and who could forget the closet?

Yeah, it was about the size of our guest room. Seriously. Amazing.

Back out in the hallway, there was also a small (comparatively) hall bathroom – it was hard to get good photos, since there wasn’t any natural light, but it was gorgeous.

And it also had these really nice cabinets instead of a linen closet. It made me wonder if we could convert our linen closet into something like this, because I love how it looks!

Also in this part of the house was a study. A study with dark navy grasscloth wallpaper that I wanted to rub all over my body.

Too much?

Maybe…but the texture on this wallpaper was incredible, to say the least. I was completely smitten.

Aside from the wallpaper, my favorite part of this room was easily the two giant owl prints.

It was hard to drag myself out of this room to go see the rest of the house (because, seriously, it was ridiculous), but my friends were waiting on me so I finally gave the grasscloth walls one last loving stroke and headed to the back of the house to see the next bedroom.

Once again, I loved the neutral and serene color palette, and I kind of just wanted to curl up in the bed and never leave. The walls were a very similar color to the master bedroom, but they had a very subtle lavender tint to them that made the room feel a bit warmer, and tied into the super feminine accents. It was gorgeous.

I was also a big fan of this little sitting area right next to the giant windows.

That table is gorgeous, no? In this room, I was struck by the use of lamps – there were four lamps in the room, and it made me think about how Corey and I don’t really use a ton of lamps throughout our house. They created a nice, not at all harsh light in the room, and I loved the effect it created, so I’ll have to be thinking about ways to incorporate more lamps in our home!

Next up? It’s time to head back up these beautiful stairs to see the bedrooms on the second story.

There are two bedrooms upstairs – one on either side of the great room.

The bathroom in this bedroom was small, but it packed a punch. I loved the adorable crab print on the wall!

I also adored what they did with the shower in here. It was pretty much just your standard bath/shower combo, but they took the opportunity to amp it up a bit with a gorgeous tile detail on the ceiling. It was definitely the highlight of this bathroom and was something I’ve never seen done before – I loved it!

Across the TV room from this bedroom is the last bedroom and the last bathroom in the house. Let’s start in the bathroom.

The tile was amazing and I am absolutely and completely obsessed with that giant map on the wall. The fun pop of color on the mirror was definitely a focal point, and I think the shower in this bathroom was one of my favorites in the house (right behind the master bathroom shower, of course)

And the bedroom? It was definitely the most unique and fun bedroom in the house. It was a fun change from all of the super-serene colors in the rest of the house, and I loved the little bit of whimsy they added in here.

Oh, and even better? This bedroom has this:

Um, yeah. I wanted to stay here forever.

But, unfortunately, I couldn’t. And neither can you. Because, at this point, we’ve seen the whole house and it’s time to leave. I know. It’s sad.

I’m so glad I had the chance to go and check out this house, and I’m still feeling incredibly inspired by all of the amazing things I saw. I think that I’m going to have to start paying more attention to when stuff like this is going on in our area, because I’d love to see more houses like this!

Have you ever been to an “idea house”? Now that you’ve seen it all, what is your favorite part of this one?

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