Friday Finds: SF Bay, California

It’s Friday! And that means I’m here with some Craigslist finds for my friend, Jenna. She emailed me and said that her and her family just moved and are looking for a few pieces for their new home – and that she’s willing to give the piece some love.

Jenna was specifically looking for a couple of side tables and for a credenza or dresser to use as a media console under her television. I also tossed in a few random pieces that I couldn’t resist, just because they’re awesome. I didn’t have much luck on the media console front (Craigslist is very iffy sometimes – you never know what you’ll find) but I did fine one piece that I think would be awesome for her!

Enjoy the finds!

(SF Bay Craigslist – $200)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $150)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $60)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $35)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $149)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $180 for table and three chairs)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $150)

Find anything fantastic on Craigslist lately?


Friday Finds: Santa Barbara

How was you Fourth, friends?

We had a great one, and I’ll share all about it next week – but first up we’re going to browse the Santa Barbara Craigslist thanks to a request from Brittany. I found some super awesome stuff, and I’m totally jealous I don’t live there and I can’t buy that gorgeous china cabinet!

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $35)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $75)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $160)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $200)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $180)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $58)

(Santa Barbara Craigslist – $100)

Enjoy your weekend! Anyone have an extra long one this week?

PS- If you’re around this weekend, you’re going to want to check out the new TV show Knock It Off! Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative Blog (who hosted the Creating With the Stars competition that Corey and I were a part of) are the designers and hosts of this new DIY/Home Design show and it premieres this Sunday at 7pm!  Check out all the details here! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to find it online somewhere since we don’t have cable!


Friday Finds: Chicago

Happy Friday! I’ve had a super busy first week of summer, with a training at school one day and lots of work on grad school hours. I’m hoping to finish all of that up over the next couple of weeks, though, and then the real summer relaxing can begin!

Today we’re checking out Craigslist finds in Chicago, thanks to a request from Chelsea. I found some awesome things and I’m totally wishing Chicago was road trip distance from Austin!

(Craigslist Chicago – $75)


(Craigslist Chicago – $150 – all three items)

(Craigslist Chicago – $375)

(Craigslist Chicago – $250 – includes second dresser and nightstand)

(Craigslist Chicago – $100)

Can you believe that entire 3-piece dining room set for $150? My mind is blown!

Find anything awesome on Craigslist lately?

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!

Am I the only one who thought this week went by at a snail’s pace? I knew it was bad when even one of my kids came into class yesterday and said “It’s Friday!”

I sadly had to break the news that it was not, in fact, Friday.

But today is!

Today we’re browsing around the Craigslist in Chicago for Brooke who just bought her first house – congratulations, Brooke! I found some stuff that I’m pretty jealous of, so hopefully she’ll find something she likes!

(Craigslist Chicago – $20)

(Craigslist Chicago – $28)

(Craigslist Chicago – $175)

(Craigslist Chicago – $95)

(Craigslist Chicago – $150 for dresser and nightstands)

(Craigslist Chicago – $150)

(Craigslist Chicago – $50)

I’m in love with that bedroom set…and that milk glass bowl? So gorgeous!

Find anything awesome on Craigslist lately?

Friday Finds: South Jersey

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week for Corey and I and I’m pretty pumped that the weekend is upon us. We’ve only got 5 weeks left before summer (!), which is even more exciting.

Today for our Friday Finds we’re headed up to South Jersey for my friend, Mandy. She asked me to do this a while ago but she’s been vacationing for the past couple of weeks so I was waiting for her to return to this side of the world. Now that she’s back, let’s see what Jersey has to offer, shall we?

(South Jersey Craigslist – $35)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $150)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $30)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $40)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $100)

That sideboard is TO. DIE. FOR. And that dresser is looking a bit (or a lot) rough, but it’s got major potential!

What have you found on your Craigslist lately? Anyone else desperate for this weekend to get here?