Tea Towel Art

Have you guys seen my kitchen lately? It’s not cute.

I know I complain about this a lot, but I hate our kitchen. I love the bones of it, and I love the potential it has, but it is oh so ugly. Weird, shiny cabinets, faux-wood laminate countertops, vinyl flooring that never looks clean, and the weirdest texture that has ever been put on walls.

So, over the last year and a half that we’ve lived here, I’ve been doing what I can to make the kitchen slightly more tolerable until we can give it a complete overhaul. I’ve had some success, taking it from here…

…to here.

All minor changes, but they add up and make the room a little less awful.

Well, today I’m adding one more little update to the list.

I’ve been wanting to hang some tea towels in our kitchen for a while now, but I hadn’t found any I really liked. But then, I stumbled on this super cute sangria towel at Anthropologie, and I knew I had to have it.


We also grabbed this measurement towel from Crate & Barrel, which I’ve seen all over the place. I love how bold and graphic it is, and I’m a huge fan of the size.

I’m not gonna lie – I don’t think they look all that great next to the oh-so-terrible wall color in there, but Corey and I are hoping to take care of the texture and wall color in there over the summer, so hopefully that’ll be fixed soon. And it feels good to finally have some art hanging in our kitchen!

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect fabric to recover those chairs (I actually like the orange, but it’s falling apart so they need to be redone), so within the next few weeks this little corner of the kitchen will be looking even better. And, of course, once our new windows are installed we’ll be figuring out a good window treatment solution for this area – I’m determined to get rid of ALL the ugly white blinds in our house if it’s the last thing I do!

Anyone else adding some art to the kitchen lately? Am I the only one mildly obsessed with tracking down cute tea towels?

Impossible Things

The story behind this project actually started back in week four of CWTS. Corey and I were working on our oh-so-beloved reading room, and we wanted some DIY artwork to hang on the wall behind the chair. You know, the space that’s actually empty in our final photos?

Well, we had a grand plan and even almost finished it during the competition, but decided to nix it at the last second because we already had so much going on in the bookcases and we didn’t want the end result to be too busy. But we were super excited about the idea, so we decided to go ahead and finish it up once the contest was over. And I’m oh so glad we did.

When we were brainstorming ideas for art in the reading room, we knew we wanted something book-related. And, we also knew that if it was going to be related to a specific book, it had to be Alice in Wonderland. It’s my favorite book of all time (I have four copies!) and is probably the most quotable book in the history of ever.

We found a large frame in the As-Is section of Ikea and figured it would be perfect for the project, so we snatched it up.

I decided to sacrifice one of my copies of Alice for this project – we were going to buy a new copy, but I figured three copies of the book is just as good as four so I tearfully let one go.

Just kidding, I didn’t cry.

But I wanted to.

But, if I’m going to be honest here, I have to admit that I’ve already replaced this copy with a new on from Anthropologie. So I’m back up to four and all is right with the world. It’s an addiction.

For the background of the project, I took a razor blade to the book to carefully cut out pages that I thought looked interesting – I tried to go for a good balance of pages with illustrations, chapter intros, and full-text pages. Then I just used some spray adhesive to create a collage of book pages on the back of the frame.

Once that was done, we were about 90% finished with the project (seriously, this one’s a no-brainer). I asked my awesome and oh-so-helpful sister to help me out cutting out the quote we chose with her Cricut. I have one, but I’m still a little scared of it and it takes me about three hours to cut anything outside of the basics in the cartridge, so I figured it was much more efficient to be a baby and ask for her help.

Luckily, she’s nothing if not amazing, so she put something together for me (in like, 5 minutes because she’s a Cricut rock star) and cut it out on plain black scrapbook paper.

And then all I had to do was pull out my trusty glue stick and toss it on!

I told you it was easy.

I got extra lazy with this project and rather than taking the time to measure everything out and make sure it was perfectly spaced, I kind of just eyeballed it. I used an open folder to make sure my line was at least semi-straight, and I slapped the letters on.

I figure if anyone notices that it’s not perfect, I can remind them that it’s a quote from the book that practically invented whimsy, so maybe I did it on purpose!

But it looks pretty dang straight to me.

I’m so obsessed with how this turned out, and I’m head over heels in love with the quote. I love that we were able to pull something from my favorite book in the world, and I love how nicely it fits into the reading room.

Basically, it’s perfect.

What’s your favorite book in the world? Anyone else tossing together some book-related art lately? Or buying four copies of the same book?

…yeah, it’s probably just me on that one.



An Eclectic Gallery Wall

It’s week 3 over on Creating With the Stars, which means it is the semi-finals and only three are moving on! Go check out the amazing projects and vote for your favorite!

I mentioned a while ago that Corey and I have been working on putting together a gallery wall for above our bed. Last time we saw it, it was looking a bit sad…

We’ve slowly been acquiring more frames and prints, and it’s definitely coming together a little bit better now!

It’s still not where we want it to be – there are way too many vertical frames, so we need to add a few more horizontal ones. I may also play around a bit with the arrangement, but I think this is a good start. It’s been a very random process to put it all together – we started with just three or four prints that we already had laying around and hung them in an arrangement that we liked. Then, as we slowly bought more we just added to the arrangement until we got here. Doing it slowly like this meant that we sometimes had a super lopsided gallery wall, but we just pushed through and now it’s looking a little more filled in. Like I said, we still need to work on it a bit, and we’d like for it to eventually spill over the sides and go to the edges of our nightstands, but this is a good start!

I like how this little arrangement has a decidedly “nature-y” theme, and I think it goes well with the natural feel of our bedding too. I’m also loving the random, eclectic feel it has going on – it makes the whole room look a little less “put together” and a little more cozy and collected, which is a good thing in my mind.

Anyone else been slowly building a gallery wall? I’m hoping we can finish this one off soon!


Injecting Some Color…

…into the dining room.


Y’all, Corey and I have worked hard on our dining room so far. We found the dining room table of our dreams, painted and reupholstered some cute chairs, added some curtains, and built an epic light fixture that is the star of the room. We’re also in the process of reupholstering our head chairs (and it’s turning out to be a never-ending process since I am so busy with school). So, all that to say, we’ve put a lot of work into this room so far.

But up until this point, it’s still been severely lacking in color. We had to be careful with the curtains because they’re so close to the bright and heavily-patterned curtains in the living room, and we wanted a dark fabric for the chairs so that dirt and food stains don’t show. We have plans to eventually bring in a rug with some color, and of course the upholstered head chairs will help a little, but in general this room has just been lacking some fun.

Which is exactly why we were so excited when we were at Ikea this weekend and found this absolutely gorgeous, incredibly colorful, super large canvas print for only $40!

(Via Ikea)

It has all of the colors we are using throughout the main floor of our house and it ties in nicely to the plates we keep on the dining room table. It’s next to impossible to find any prints or canvases this large for that good of a deal, so we were thrilled to be able to snatch it up! And once we got it in the room, we knew we had made a good decision – it looks perfect!

I’m oh so in love with how this print looks in the room, and it feels so good to have some color in here. This print is also scaled much better than the old yellow canvases were – they’re really cute, but they are so small that they really just looked silly on such a big space!

I feel like this room is one giant step closer to completion! We still need to do some much more large-scale things like upgrading to wood flooring, adding some fun texture to the fireplace with faux stone, adding a rug to bring in some more color, and several other things that I’m sure will pop up as we work. But, I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job with our progress so far, and I’m so excited about the direction this room is going in!

Have you bought any fun art lately? Anyone else have any rooms that are dying for some color?

Fillin’ Up the Walls

Currently, Corey and I have a very sad lack of art in our home. I mean, we don’t have completely empty walls – we have our gallery wall

Our hallway art

And the DIY silhouettes in the guest room.

But, uh, that’s about it. We both enjoy art and would like to add quite a bit more to our home, but it’s not always very cheap, and we’re both a bit on the picky side so finding things that we can both agree on isn’t exactly easy.

That’s why it’s really awesome when every once in a while we just stumble on something that happens to be perfect for one of the rooms in our home. That’s what happened this past weekend when we took a random trip to Home Goods and found some gold and white floral art that was on sale for 50% off – only $15 each! We immediately knew it was perfect for the empty wall in our guest room, so we snatched them up and brought ’em home…and we were right – perfection!

We love how they play off the gold in the bed, and we’re happy to have some soft floral lines in here to counteract all of the stripes, high-contrast colors, and angular lines in the room.

Neither of us can really believe that this room is actually starting to come together so well – this just might be the first room in our house we actually finish! We both joke that we’re jealous of our guests for having a more put-together room than we do, but it’s nice to have a pretty spot for our guests to land, so we don’t complain much. This room finally got put to use this weekend for the first time since we started working on it when our friends Audrey and Kyle came into town, and I think it’s safe to say it was a smashing success!

What were you up to this weekend? Any awesome random finds or new art for your home?