About Us

Howdy! I’m Amanda, he’s Corey. We’re a couple of newlyweds with a passion for all things home decor and renovation related. We just recently made a big move from our college town to Austin, TX where we have bought our first home and are slowly making it ours.

Our house is just about as old as we are, and we bought it from the original owners who, quite frankly, hadn’t done a damn thing to update it. We’re having crazy adventures with ugly light fixtures, awkward texturing, and all of the joys of a builder-grade home straight from the ’80s.

We share our house with one socially stunted german shepherd/lab mix (Ranger) and one hyperactive cocker spaniel/chihuahua mix (Cullen). We love our dogs like our own kids, and we plan many of our projects around making them happy. Since we started our blogging journey, we’ve learned to reupholster, stain, strip and re-paint furniture, and even build our own furniture!

We’ve learned a lot since we started this journey, but we have a lot more to learn. We have big plans for some big renovations in the future, and we can’t wait to share ’em! Stick around, ’cause it’s going to be a crazy ride!

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