Jackson: Five Months

Stats: No appointment this month, but our scale at home tells me Jackson currently weighs about 16 pounds (with a wet diaper and clothes, so a bit less!).

Clothing Size: Jack is still fitting pretty nicely into his 3-6 month clothes for now! I thought he’d grow out of it this month, but they all still fit very well. He actually had several of pairs of 0-3 pants that still fit him up until a couple of weeks ago, and most of his 6 month pants are pretty baggy on him. I honestly think he may still have one or two pairs of 0-3 pants that fit, since baby clothing sizes vary so much!

Sleep: We’re finally settling back into a good sleep routine and it seems that the worst of his sleep regression is over, thank goodness. Naps are officially happening in the crib, and he generally takes 4-5 naps a day that are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, though over the last week or so he’s started to toss in a few longer naps. I’m hoping that means he’s getting ready to consolidate them into three good naps a day, but we’ll see! At night, he seems to be moving towards a 12-hour sleep schedule. Most nights he’ll go down around 7:00, sleep until 5:00 (with one or two wake-ups for his pacifier, though I don’t really count them because they take us less than 30 seconds to deal with), eat, and then go back to sleep until 7:00 or so. I feel like we’re still very much in a transitional time with his sleep, though, so I’m not confident in saying anything is going to stick right now!

Eating: Still breastfeeding exclusively, though he’s showing us more and more every day that he’s ready to start solids. He’s constantly lunging for our food when we eat around him – the other day we were at a restaurant and he was sitting in my lap, and he grabbed my plate and pulled it right up to him! He also sometimes will sit at the table with us while we’re eating, open his mouth, and shout “ahhh! ahhh!” like he’s waiting for us to plop something in there. We’ve said in the past we were going to wait until 6 months to start solids, but our resolve is wavering as he gets more and more eager, so we’ll see…I predict we’ll start this month!

Milestones: He is rolling all over the place now! He rolled across the living room one day, and we always come into his room after naps to find him in a completely different position than where we left him. He’s getting really good at sitting up – his balance is still a bit off (he’s a bit top heavy with his big head!), so he needs support, but he’s can hold himself in a sitting position for a long time now! This month he also found his voice and when he’s in a good mood our house is full of the sound of a shrieking, giggling, shouting baby. He absolutely loves to let out little screams and then giggle at himself. It’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Things we want to remember: I want to remember how adorable this phase is. He’s just starting to be able to explore a little bit more – he hasn’t figured out crawling but he is learning how to manipulate his body a little more and he’s finding creative ways to get where he wants to go. I never want to forget the adorable little shrieks he lets out when he’s excited, or how eager he is when I’m drinking or eating in front of him and he thinks maybe, just maybe, I’ll give him some. I want to keep soaking up any cuddles I get because they’re starting to become more and more rare as he gets more mobile. And I said this last month, but I don’t ever want to forget that sweet little look of concentration when he’s trying to figure something new out…I love watching him learn!

Special outings or adventures: It’s summer, so outings are becoming more and more common around here! We’ve been all over the place this month – he had his first water adventure, he met his future wife (aka my best friend’s daughter), we kicked off his first ever summer spent at home with his family, and he got to try out his stroller without the car seat for the first time. This month also marked Corey’s first Father’s day!

Favorites: His current favorite things include Sophie the giraffe, rolling around on the floor, playing with Cullen (they are OBSESSED with each other now!), and diaper changes (he giggles the whole time). Our favorites include making him laugh, watching him explore and learn new things, and just how interactive he’s becoming.

What we’ve learned: We’ve learned a lot about his napping and sleep patterns this month! We learned how important it is to stick to something, even if you think it might not work, because it can revolutionize your whole life (I’m not exaggerating when I say naps in the crib have changed my life). We’re also continuing to learn every day how to work together a little more efficiently, and how to be the best parents possible to this awesome little kid.

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