Our 2013 Yearbook

Corey and I have had a tradition of yearly scrapbooks since we first started dating eight years ago. I made our first scrapbook for his 17th birthday, and I have made one every year since then.

(2012’s book!)

I used to make actual old-school scrapbooks, but to be honest I’m not the best scrapbooker. Actually, I’m pretty awful at it. So in the last few years, I gave up on that and started to have photo books printed through Blurb instead – and it was the best decision ever! Last year I finally landed on a good format for the books and started making them a little more “official” and I love how they have turned out. They’re so much easier to store than the big, bulky scrapbooks I used to make, and we’re a lot more likely to keep them on display (and flip through them on occasion!) when they’re nice and small.

We just got our 2013 book a couple of weeks ago, and it was so fun to look through the year. Putting these books together always reminds me of how I don’t take enough pictures, though. I’m trying really hard to be better about it this year, and while I’ve taken about 11 million photos of Jackson over the last four months, I still don’t feel like I’ve been awesome about taking other pictures. I’m determined that when I’m putting 2014’s book together in January I’ll have plenty of photos to choose from!

One of my favorite features of these books is the very end – I do a two-page spread of what our house looked like at the end of that year. It’s fun to see how it has changed, and I like having this little record of what it looks like each year!



This year we also had a second book to order – my pregnancy scrapbook! I was really good about taking photos each week (I only missed one week) and documenting how things were changing and what I was feeling, so I wanted to make sure we had a book printed with all of my weekly updates. It took forever to put it together, but it was so worth it!

I’m currently working on a one-year book for Jackson with all of the weekly photos we’ve been taking of him. I’ve been trying to update it as we go with the pictures I take each week so that it’ll be easy to just order it at the end of the year rather than trying to put it all together at once. It’s going to be a big book, but it’ll be another good one to have…I’m of the mindset that you can never have too many photo books!

(A sneak peek at Jack’s book!)

How do you record your memories? Anyone else do photo books? What about regular scrapbooks? I wish I was good at making those!

(The Blurb link above is an affiliate link, meaning if you follow it and purchase something I will get a small cut. I didn’t get any of these books for free or on a discount – I just really, really love Blurb and their products!)

8 thoughts on “Our 2013 Yearbook

  1. These are so fun! You’re going to love having the baby ones. I found they also make great Christmas gifts for grandparents 😉 Out of curiosity, do you ever order extras for things like fire? I keep thinking I’ll order an extra copy to keep in a fire safe should that ever happen, so I don’t lose all those memories. But mine are huge and expensive so I keep putting it off. Curious to see if anyone else does this!


    Amanda Reply:

    I don’t, but that would be smart! I think Blurb stores the books you have bought online, though. When I go into my account I always have the option to order old books, so I would think it would be easy to order another if one was lost !


  2. The baby ones will be especially awesome for Jack to have when he grows up :)

    I’m woefully behind on my scrapbooks. Switching to digital (with Photoshop, etc.–somewhere between a traditional scrapbook and a photobook) makes it somewhat easier to pick up where I leave off each time but I just haven’t been *making* the time lately!


  3. I made a scrapbook our 1st year together, and have the books and inserts for years 2 and 3, but never actually made the book. I’m not creative and the time it takes to make a 2 page spread was daunting. Sadly, it fell to the way side. I love the idea of a photo book so I made one for us last year! And will continue to do so for years to come. I still need to make my pregnancy one! I’m debating about making a yearly one for my lil boy too. He’s almost one so I should probably decide soon!


  4. That’s adorable! I’m totally on the “You can never have too many Photobooks” train. Although, it may be getting out of hand! As someone who still scrapbooks, I’m worried the amount of photo & Scrapbooks we have is getting out of control ;-).

    Also, I love all the photos of your little guy! I cannot get enough of him on IG and facebook!

    Love your yearbooks! And am I the only one who would love to see your clunky old scrapbooks?


    Amanda Reply:

    Hahaha I almost put some photos in this post but honestly it was too much work to drag them out of the closet they’re in – buried under a ton of junk! I love how much easier these are to look through!


  5. Love these photo books. Ha, normally I like checking out all your DIY projects but I will say these books are a great idea. I’m not crafty and wouldn’t even consider scrap booking but being able to have these personal memories all in one neat, compact book is the way to go! No worries of things falling out.


  6. I love the idea of doing yearly photo books and have been wanting to make them for a while now. Of course it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s definitely on my list of think I’m dying to make happen, especially seeing how gorgeous yours turned out!


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