My First Mother’s Day

I’ve gotta say, it was pretty surreal to actually be a part of the celebration for Mother’s Day this past weekend, and not just celebrating for other people. It was an incredible feeling and I felt so honored to be able to call myself a mom this year!

We had a pretty low-key Mother’s Day weekend, which is just the way I like it. Jackson came home from daycare on Friday with a pretty nasty cough, so we spent most of the morning on Saturday at the doctor’s office, just making sure it wasn’t anything serious. We got the all-clear and the doctor told us it was probably just a cold, so we went back home to let Jackson get some rest. When we got home, I requested that Corey take over baby duty for a couple of hours so I could deep clean the house (yes, I’m a dork). It was so therapeutic to get the house nice and clean, and it felt good to be active all day. And really, who doesn’t love a clean house?

That evening we went out to get dinner at Which Which since we didn’t have any food in the house, and I did some shopping at Target (these new “mom hips” don’t fit into any of my old shorts quite the same way they used to!). This is probably my favorite time of the year weather-wise. It’s warm enough outside to be in shorts or dresses, but you aren’t sweltering yet. It’s perfect for eating outside, going for walks, and just generally soaking up the feeling of “almost summer”.

On Sunday, we had lunch at my sister’s house. Corey and my brother-in-law were supposed to cook for everyone, but when they heard Jack was sick my sister and brother-in-law insisted on taking over. It was much-appreciated, since he ended up taking an almost four hour nap that morning – poor boy was definitely not feeling well. At least I got some Mother’s Day snuggles!

Lunch was absolutely wonderful – my sister’s house always looks amazing and I’ve never had a meal over there that was anything less than fabulous. And after his crazy nap, our little Monster was happy and ready to interact with his family. You know, until he got tired and started screaming again. Poor, sick baby.

It was a pretty wonderful first Mother’s Day, and I’m so grateful for our little family of three. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing he’s actually ours!

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

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  1. That sounds like an awesome first Mother’s Day! I ended up giving birth to my son at five in the morning on Mother’s Day this year! Your day sounds like it was just perfect, and I hope Jackson is feeling better!


    Amanda Reply:

    Congrats on your sweet boy!


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