Wish me Luck…

Today I go back to work.

I’m dreading it. I always have said I would love to be a stay-at-home mom but now that I have had a taste of it, there’s nothing I want more than to stay home with Jackson. These last seven weeks have been absolutely perfect and I absolutely hate the thought of leaving him with someone else today.

But, sadly, it’s not really an option for us. So off to work I go.

This week is probably going to be (very) rough on our whole family, so I won’t be back to post until next week. Until then, I could use your thoughts and prayers as I get settled back into work. Let’s hope Jackson and I both can make it through the day with minimal crying.

Anyone made the back to work transition recently? Tell me it’s not as awful as I am imagining it will be!

7 thoughts on “Wish me Luck…

  1. I am not (yet) a mom myself, so I can only imagine how difficult it will be to leave Jackson for the day(s). But I am confident that you will get used to the new routine! You’re in my thoughts for (long distance) moral support!


  2. I know you will miss him and he you this week, but you have some other special youngsters in your life that will be happy to see you. You get to go to work everyday and change the lives of not just your students, but their families as well, for the better. You make real positive change and you are VERY good at it. Then you get to come home to your sweet family and shower them with even more love and caring. What a blessing. I will be thinking about you this week, I know it will be difficult.


  3. I returned to work in February after 10 weeks of maternity leave (I work in a school, too, and the holiday breaks worked in my favor), and that first time dropping him off was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I cried pretty much all morning, and when anyone would stop by and ask how I was doing I’d start crying all over again.

    However! Evan was fine. I was able to text his babysitter during my breaks (recommended if you can do it–even better if you can get pictures sent to you), and she let me know that he was eating, sleeping, playing, and happy. He was all smiles when I picked him up that afternoon. I think that made it a little less difficult to drop him off the next day.

    There was definitely an adjustment period for both of us. For the first couple of weeks, he seemed extra tired and zoned out when we got home in the afternoon. He didn’t seem like himself. I think it was the newness and extra stimulation.

    He did sleep through the night for the first time after he started daycare, too. He went from waking up 1-2 times a night to me having to wake him up in the morning to get him ready, but that was only during the week. On the weekends, he was back to his regular schedule. And actually, after he was out for almost a week because he was sick, he hasn’t slept through the night again, so I think the sleeping through the night was just another way of adjusting to the newness of daycare.

    I miss him all day while he’s at daycare, and I can’t wait to see him when I pick him up in the afternoon. It has gotten easier (as in, I don’t cry when I drop him off anymore), but it still isn’t easy. I would love to be able to stay at home with him, but it’s not a possibility for our family, either, so I just try to be thankful that I will have holidays and summers off with him, and I try to make our time in the afternoons and evenings and on the weekends extra special. If that means leaving dishes in the sink for an extra night, then that’s what I do.

    I hope your first week back goes smoothly. I know it’s difficult. I’ll be thinking of you!


  4. I had to go back after 6 weeks. I was dreading it, also. It’s tough, but it gets better.

    It was very hard on me, but as soon as I came back, they moved my desk from in an office with a bunch of people, to alone by the front door where I had to pick up and set up my entire “desk” each day until they built me an “office”. It really made being back to work hard, and when I thought I had worked at a very understanding place (I also work in a school, I’m a secretary), I had never felt so wrong.

    It will be an adjustment, and don’t be too hard on yourself (or Corey) if it’s harder to get housework done (or do anything for yourself). You will eventually get in a groove and get on a schedule that makes your house run smoothly!

    Good luck!


  5. I’m a little different in that I looked forward to going back to work, but even with that, it was still so tough to leave my daughter. I went back to work after 12 weeks.

    The only thing I can tell you is that it really does get easier. It took us several weeks to get the routine down to where it wasn’t too hectic or stressful or bittersweet.

    Also, do everything you can to find a childcare situation you and your kid love (I’m assuming you’ve done that). My daughter is now 19 months and goes running happily in the door to daycare every morning. Seeing how happy she is there evaporates any lingering doubts!


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