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I was having a conversation with some friends the other day about how everyone uses their home – for example, if you have a dining room and a breakfast nook, do you use them both? Just one? Neither?

I had never really put much thought into the topic before, but the conversation was fascinating and now I am constantly wondering how other people use spaces in their home. I always love a good glimpse into how other people spend their time, so I thought it might be fun to share how we use various spaces in our home.

Let’s start with our eating spaces…I hadn’t thought about it until the previously mentioned conversation, but we actually have quite a few different dining spaces in our home…

The breakfast nook is an area I honestly didn’t think we’d use when we first moved in. We were used to only having one tiny little dining area, so this felt so strange and luxurious to have. In reality, though? We use it on a very regular basis! Corey eats breakfast here pretty much every morning during the work week, and we frequently eat breakfast and/or lunch here together on the weekends. It’s a great spot to sit for a quick meal, and I love the view we have into the backyard.

The formal dining room gets a lot of use as well. We eat almost all of our dinners here (or at least we did before Jackson…things have fallen apart a bit with our new routine, but we’ll get back to it!) and we have guests over pretty often and always eat here when we do. We love our giant table and it’s probably one of our favorite purchases to date.

I also use this table pretty frequently for grad school homework and blogging – it’s a nice, quiet place where I can sit and work, and I  tend to get a lot more done when I’m sitting here. This table is a frequently-used area when either of us have something we need to really focus on.

And finally, we have the kitchen island. We don’t really use this as an eating area very often, but these stools get used on a regular basis! They’re the perfect place for one of us to hang out while the other is cooking, or for guests to sit when they come over and we are finishing up in the kitchen.

It feels a little like overkill to have three separate “dining” areas in our home, but they all get used – just in different ways!

Next, let’s chat about the living areas – we have two: the living room and the garage.

The way we use these two spaces seems to shift pretty frequently. Some weeks we spend all of our television-watching time in the living room, and sometimes we spend a lot more time in the garage. It depends on our mood, the weather (when it’s cold I like to have a fire in the living room!), and what we’re watching (we always watch movies in the garage, but tend to watch more shows in the living room). Corey also plays all of his video games in the garage, and while he’s doing that I’m usually in the living room watching television.

I can easily say that both of these spaces get used on a very regular basis, though, which is awesome because I was worried we would spend a ton of money on the garage and never actually use it. That’s definitely not a concern!

We had a lot of people tell us not to spend a lot of time or effort in finishing the nursery, because we wouldn’t use it.

Um yeah, that has definitely not been the case! We don’t spend a ton of time here during the day (yet – I imagine we will once Jackson is a little older and wants to play in here) but every evening we spend a good chunk of time in here. It’s the perfect place for the whole family to hang out while we’re getting Jack ready for bed, and we’re all in here (dogs included!) for at least an hour or so every evening before bed. Corey will hang out on the rug or work on putting laundry away while I feed Jackson before bed, and those sweet quiet moments before he goes down for the night are some of my favorite of the entire day.

It’s been so interesting to see how our use of the various spaces in our home has evolved since Jackson was born, and I imagine it will only continue to change as he gets older.

How do you use the spaces in your home?

4 thoughts on “How We Use Our Home

  1. I’m a little embarrassed that “dining area” is code for “where we throw all our crap at the end of the day” in our house. We only have the one table in the kitchen space, which almost never gets used for actual eating. We eat dinner, hang out, work on non-work projects and mostly do all our living in the living room. My office is in the guest room, and I use that every work day, because it has a nicer work chair and I can’t focus as well when I’m sunk into the living room couch!


  2. You may want to get some kind of floor mat for the dining room if you plan to have Jackson join you there once he starts eating. Your beautiful carpeting needs protection! I would say my son’s mess radius is about 2-3 feet around him. Or maybe you’ll just do more meals in the kitchen, where the floor wipes easily :)


    Amanda Reply:

    Oh the carpet reads much nicer in photos than in person, haha. It’s in absolutely terrible shape. The goal is to replace it with faux wood ASAP!


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