How far along? 38 weeks!
Size of baby: Again, he’s just the size of a baby at this point. Who knows how much he weighs…I’m just hoping it’s not something crazy like 9 pounds!
Mater­nity clothes? I’m starting to look at all of my maternity clothes and figure out which ones I want to make sure to get one more wear out of! I know I’m at the point where I could only have days left (of course, I could also still have weeks…) so I’m trying to wear all my favorites now before I pack them up!
Sleep: Lots of tossing and turning, I’m feeling pretty restless. I think I’m just antsy and anxious, on top of being huge and uncomfortable, which is not a good combination for sleeping.
Movement: Movements are getting angrier and angrier as he runs out of room. I keep reminding him that if he’s so uncomfortable in there he might as well join us out here where there is plenty of room to move around freely! He’s not listening…
What I miss: Feeling like “myself” is such a distant memory at this point that it’s hard to remember it, but I definitely miss it and am greatly looking forward to feeling it again!
Cravings/Food aversions: Nothing really this week.
Other Symptoms: Random cramps and pains, and more of the usual discomforts. I don’t think there will be any “new” symptoms at this point, so I’m just dealing with all of my old ones while we wait out the end!
What made me cry this week: Nothing!
Favorite moment this week: Hitting the single digit countdown until our due date! It is SO exciting to be so close. Oh, and when we went to the grocery store and bought a gallon of milk that expires February 3 – after Monster’s due date! Of course, he might not be here by then, but we aren’t going to speak of that….

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  1. You are looking so good, Amanda! I’ve really enjoyed your pregnancy posts (I’m 35 weeks along) – here’s hoping this is one of the last before your little guy arrives. Good luck!


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