Deck the Halls

If you were around for Christmas last year, then you’ll probably remember that Corey and I take a very subtle, “less is more” approach to Christmas decorating.

…or not.

Let’s be honest: I’m not happy if it doesn’t look like Christmas exploded all over my entire house, and there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to Christmas decorations. I grew up in a house where we had flannel Christmas sheets, an attic full of Christmas decor, and there was a period of time where my parents had a Christmas bedspread, so let’s just blame it on genetics. I absolutely adore Christmas, and nothing makes me happier than going all-out in making my house filled with Christmas cheer.

There is just something so incredibly special to me about pulling out the same Christmas decorations every year and filling up our house with these sparkly, happy pieces that make me feel like it’s truly, finally, time for Christmas. We also have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying new Christmas decorations (as in, we can’t stop doing it) so we’re constantly adding to our collection. As of now, we only decorate the first floor of our house, but someday I can promise you the entire house will be full of Christmas cheer. Just you wait.

One of my favorite parts of our Christmas decor is our Christmas village. I always adored the villages at my grandparents’ and my parents’ houses growing up, so it was important to me that Corey and I start one of our own. When we first moved into our house it was pretty pathetic, but we’ve added to it over the last couple of years (and have been given pieces for it as gifts every year), so now it’s definitely looking full. It is fun to look back on the progression of our little village and how quickly it’s grown – here it was the first year we lived in our house…

 And last year…

And this year.

Yeah. Like I said, we have a problem. We add one house to it every year (and have been given a few along the way), and this year we added the little schoolhouse – as of this year we are both officially teachers, so it felt like a pretty big milestone!

Nothing makes me happier than coming down the stairs every morning and seeing how cheerful our house is, and I’m sad the Christmas season is so short this year so I can’t enjoy it as long as I’d like. But while it’s up, I’m going to soak up every last ounce of Christmas spirit I can!

What’s your approach to Christmas decorating? Do you keep things simple or are you as crazy as we are?

5 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. Gah! Hadley sitting on the couch next to the stuffed dog. I die! lol

    Also I <3 all of your cheerful decorations!! I also go for sort of a Christmas-splosion but don't go as far as you do. You give me something to aspire to :)


  2. The Deer over the mantle with the lights and the scarf is the best!
    I love Christmas decorations, and also grew up with a ton of Christmas stuff all over the house. It is currently a little more low key for us since we’re in an apartment and don’t have much storage to keep decorations. One day, we’ll be able to go a little more nuts.


  3. I LOVE your Christmas decorations! Especially your Christmas village! I think it’s genetics too… My grandmother used to go absolutely nuts with the decorating, but now that she’s older she is downsizing her collection. She let me go through her stash and take whatever decorations I wanted. And now I am definitely on my way to a Christmas explosion! 😀


  4. Your house looks amazing! There are so many fun details. More is definitely better and my motto when Christmas decorating. I have the same problem as you and can’t stop adding to our collection. :)


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