De-Cluttering the Living Room

I know, I know. Sounds like the most boring post ever.

But it’s not what you think.

Back when we originally installed our homemade curtains in the living room, Corey and I both loved them. They were fun, bright, and made us happy.

But after almost two years of them, we’re both kind of over it. While we still love the colors and the pattern, it was definitely limiting us in what we could do in there – with that much pattern on the windows, there wasn’t much we could do elsewhere. And visually, I felt like they were just way too much – I felt like they made the room feel cluttered all the time.

We were both ready for a change.

So, we did some searching and fell in love with these Threshold brand curtains from Target (they’re no longer available, but there is a similar style here). They’re much more neutral (only one color) and they still have a pattern, but it’s not too busy. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and upgrade our curtain rods – we still loved the homemade ones but wanted something a little more substantial and “grown up”.

Mmmmm. I love this change.

The new curtains have a very calming effect on the room and make it feel much less visually cluttered. And they open us up to a whole world of new color options for things like the pillows and the accessories, because there aren’t a million colors in the curtains.

The new rods are gorgeous too – they’re these mercury glass rods from Target, and they feel so much more luxurious and expensive than the old ones (I mean, obviously they’re definitely more expensive than our DIY ones, but they’re still pretty cheap!). We had to buy two rods for the big window behind the couch and use the middle rod from one of them to extend the other rod and make it long enough for the whole window – luckily we found a broken one (the finial was broken, the rest was fine) at our local store and they sold it to us for only $10 – score!

I feel like this little change makes a huge difference in the room and gets us another step closer to where we want to eventually end up in here. We still want to replace the ugly white blinds with something prettier (probably bamboo shades, though I’d LOVE to do white roman shades if they weren’t so dang expensive) but for now, this is a good upgrade.

Anyone else changing out curtains in their home lately?

5 thoughts on “De-Cluttering the Living Room

  1. I love the cooler look, but I missed a 30 week update on you! No picture and description of how things were last week.


    Amanda Reply:

    I know – I’m so sad we didn’t get around to doing it. We were out of town all last week visiting Corey’s family – his grandfather passed away about a week before Thanksgiving. So, there just wasn’t any time to take the photo. I’m sad we don’t have a 30 week picture!


  2. It looks so awesome in there – love your decor and I remember when you got the curtains (years ago) after you were a blogging bee :) Soooo, what you gonna do with those old ratty curtains?! Cough, cough – I could find a place for them in our home….would you sell them or give them away this holiday? Less clutter in your closet – HA and congratulations on your wonderful blessing!!!!!!


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks! I don’t have any plans for them – you’re welcome to them! I don’t think I’d be comfortable selling them to you since they’re homemade and not super high quality or anything (I don’t promise straight lines!) but I’d be happy to send ’em your way if you’ll pay shipping. Shoot me an email at and we can discuss. :)


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