People are not kidding around when they talk about pregnant women nesting.

I’ve always heard about it being related more towards the end of pregnancy – the urgent feeling that you need to get everything ready and clean for the baby…but apparently there is just something inherent in me that makes the need even more strong, because it has begun, my friends. For the past couple of weeks now I have had this incessant feeling all the time that I need to be doing something to the house. I want to fix the floors, I want to change the curtains, I want to paint the walls, I want to clean the cabinets, I want to give the WHOLE HOUSE a makeover!

Yeah…Corey’s thrilled with this development.

I’ve resisted most of the urges because, as I mentioned last week we recently decided to cut back significantly on our “fun” spending. For being such tiny little humans, babies seem to need a lot of things, and it adds up quickly. Between that and Christmas coming up, we’re trying to be careful about what we spend now so that we aren’t feeling crunched when we’ve got Christmas, last minute baby purchases and, you know, hospital bills and daycare all rolling our way at once. So, needless to say, funds to satisfy my nesting urges have been temporarily cut off. Boo.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t work with what I’ve got, right?

So, this weekend, in a blind rage-y moment of nesting, I decided to tackle our guest bedroom. I say this like I was doing something that didn’t really need to be done, but let’s be honest…this room was a wreck.

It turned into a disaster zone when we started working on the nursery, because I declared that anything that wasn’t going to return to the nursery could no longer be in there…and we didn’t exactly have a home for half of it. Between that and a manic cleaning episode I had a few weeks ago (where I did some crazy organization and decided to get rid of a lot of things…but never actually got rid of them) the room was looking like a hot mess.

This room honestly doesn’t get used too often since we don’t have many house guests, so for the most part we’ve been able to close the door and just pretend like the mess wasn’t there. But since my weekly bump update photos are taken in this room every week, it meant that every week we had to climb over the craziness to get in the room and even though I’m smiling in the photos I am straddling about 18 different random pieces of crap and trying not to scream at the chaos.

So, yeah. It was about time I did something about it.

I started by just clearing out all of the trash and stuff to be donated. That’s always a good first step that actually makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Then I just systematically began finding homes for everything – and anything that was going back into the nursery ended up in the guest bathroom upstairs because that has become the dumping ground for all things waiting to go back in there (and no, you don’t want to see photos…it isn’t pretty).

I also decided to tackle moving the artwork. The furniture in here used to be arranged differently and one day a few months ago I got a wild hair and decided to move everything around, but the art stayed where it was…and it looked kind of crazy. I took down a few things (like our silhouettes – they weren’t updated anymore since we have a third dog, and I want to re-use the frames in Monster’s room for something else) and added a few more – like the two large prints that used to be in the reading room (now the nursery) that we didn’t have another home for. They don’t exactly work super well in here, but it’s a good place to store them while we figure out what else we want to do with them. Better than shoving them in a closet, right?

And now? My blood pressure doesn’t rise when I walk in the room and my eye doesn’t start twitching.

It doesn’t look perfect – this room never quite made it out of the “in progress” phase, and now it’s been pushed so far down on the priority list that it’ll probably look very similar to this for the next few years until it eventually gets turned into a nursery for baby #2. But I’m not complaining – it’s clean! And if I have guests randomly decide to show up tomorrow, I won’t be completely mortified to show them the room.

There are still a few things out of place in here – like the tripod, which will be staying in that position for the next several months as I refuse to put it up and get it back out every week for out photos. There are also a couple of boxes of Christmas lights on the floor next to the dresser…they were supposed to get put up in the attic back in, like, June to await their debut at the end of November when we decorate for the holidays, but they never made it up there and now it seems silly to put them away only to get them back out in a couple of months.

And I’m lazy, so there’s that.

Not a huge change, I know – I cleaned a room, look at me go! – but this was a good reminder for me that sometimes when you’ve got the urge to do something to improve your home and not a lot of money to spend, you can find something to do without spending a cent. Sometimes all it takes is a good deep cleaning and re-arranging some decor and you feel like you’ve made a difference in your home – and that’s really the point, isn’t it?

What have you done lately to update your home for cheap or free?

5 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I still love the pink striped walls in the guest room. And it’s kind of nice to see that other people don’t all live in Pinterest-worthy houses ALL the time, and that real people actually live there and do the same things I do … ie rearrange all our crap and just throw it random places. :) The West-Elm dresser looks great in that room!


    Amanda Reply:

    Haha yes, I frequently just decide to go crazy and re-arrange things. Sometimes it just hits you!


  2. Nesting is serious business! About a week before Caroline came I became obsessed with sprucing up our fireplace. So I dug a bunch of fence pickets out of the barn, cleaned them, and had half nailed up on the wall before my husband came home from work. For some reason he made me get off the ladder 😉 And there’s really no start or end date to it. All of a sudden you’ll just get whammed with the urge to clean something, or build something, or organize every tiny onesie by color. It’s nuts!


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