Nesting, Part 2

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I re-arranged a bunch of stuff and cleaned a room and called it an actual post? I’m doing it again – get excited.

This is actually a post I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I haven’t taken the time to actually make the changes, and I’m so glad I finally decided to take care of it recently (I say that like I had any choice…the nesting monster reared its head and there was nothing I could do to stop it). You see, I’ve talked quite a few times about how I’m the worst about actually changing up the decor in my house – I buy a cute accessory, plop it on a shelf, and it ends up living there for, like, ever.

It makes life easy for me, but it’s really not that much fun. And it means that my house ends up feeling like it never changes (especially since we don’t currently decorate for any holidays/seasons other than Christmas), which I don’t love. But that has changed my friends. I re-arranged decor! Look at me go!

I’m always amazed at how much of a difference something like this makes for absolutely zero money, which is why I wanted to write this post. I always feel like I have to spend money to make changes to my home, but my living room feels completely refreshed to me and all it cost me was an hour or so on Saturday afternoon. When you use what you’ve already got laying around you can make changes that feel significant without spending a dime!

But enough talk – let me prove it to you. Let’s start with what my living room looked like before. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but here’s a refresher:

After gathering up a bunch of accessories from around the house that I wanted to bring in here (like extras from the guest room or the once-reading-room-now-nursery), I took everything off of the surfaces I was changing and piled it on the floor. I didn’t want to be tempted to leave anything in its original place, so I took it all down – which also gave me a good opportunity to dust all of my shelves. Because I don’t do that often enough, and ew.

And then I just placed it all back in a new spot. I’m no expert at styling shelves – in fact, I’m kind of just bad at it, but I always have fun. I put something in place, step back, and look at it to make sure I like it. Sometimes, it’s also super helpful to take a picture of it. There was one arrangement I did on the bookcase that I loved at first, but once I took a photo I realized I had grouped too much stuff on two shelves right next to one another and it looked really heavy. I switched a few things around and snapped another photo and it looked a billion times better. And now? My living room is feeling refreshed and a bit different, even though there’s absolutely nothing that I didn’t already own in here.


We also brought down the rug that used to be in the reading room:

It’s definitely not a perfect fit in the room (it’s a bit too small and holy pattern overload with the curtains), but it works for now, and we have already ordered new curtains (!!) so it should fit in a little better once we take care of that. Honestly, I’m just happy to cover up even a little bit of our disgusting carpet.

If you need a close-up…

Yeah, that’s what my living room looks like 90% of the time. Except there’s usually another dog or two on there as well. There’s very rarely actually room for humans on the couch.

And that, my friends, is how you refresh your entire living room in one hour with no money. It may not make a huge impact, but it’s enough to settle my nesting instincts for a week or so, which is really all I can ask for at this point.

What have you done lately to update your home? Anyone else suck at changing up their decor?

4 thoughts on “Nesting, Part 2

  1. I hear you on the nesting front! But instead of the inside of the house, this weekend, I tackled the outside. I probably did a little too much as I am feeling it big time today, but I panicked that we wouldn’t have any more nice weekend days left. The garden got pulled and all of the summer outdoor decor got stored away. There is still some minor work to be done but the big projects were accomplished. Now to just get rid of all the dog hair on the inside of the house before the little one arrives! Impossible task I think.


  2. Hi! Your living room looks great! Love the colours. I am curious about your couch and dogs. I am hoping to buy a new couch in the near future and wonder what type of material yours is. I have two dogs and am worried about the wear and tear. Also any tricks to keeping the dog hair off?


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks! :) Our couch is the Karlstad soda from Ikea. Not sure exactly what the fabric is, but it’s nothing fancy! It has held up FABULOUSLY over the two years we’ve had it. The dogs jump all over it and are constantly sleeping on it, and it’s a nice thick fabric so we haven’t had any issues. It’s also machine washable, so if anything gets on it (like mud) I just take the cover off and wash it. As far as hair, I’ve found that this dark color doesn’t actually show much (of course, our two big shedders are mostly black) but every couple of weeks I’ll run the vacuum hose over it to pick up any dirt or hair and it works great. We are big fans of it!


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