A Random, Wonderful Purchase

So, remember how our master bedroom is a complete and total hot mess right now?

We’ve got about a dozen different styles going on in here, several pieces of furniture that are just hanging out until we can replace them, and lots of ideas on where we want to go but very little actual progress.

We were headed in a very organic, eclectic direction with the bedroom originally. Lots of earthy tones, lots of wood and texture. A little something like this:


(Bedding via West Elm, curtains via Target, dresser via Pottery Barn, wardrobe Via Ikea, paint color via Lowe’s, blinds via Casa.com)

Of course, the only things we actually already own within that vision are the curtains, dresser (not that exact one, but ours is similar), bamboo blinds, and the paint color. But, in general, the direction we were going to head included all of the above, plus our gallery wall, and a few other ideas we had that would make the room feel earthy and cozy.

We loved that plan. It was fantastic.

But then. We were at Target a few nights ago and happened upon this gorgeous Nate Berkus duvet cover that happened to be king-sized (we intend to upgrade to a king soon!) and also just happened to be 50% off. As in, it was only $50. We thought about it for approximately 0.2 seconds before tossing it into our cart. We knew it was going to change the entire direction of our room, but there was no reason not to at this point.

We got it home and put it on the bed, and we were in love. It’s amazing. And perfect. And wonderful.

And totally clashed with the curtains we already had in the room.

So, like we already suspected, it was obvious that our vision for the room was going to have to change.  We didn’t want to just waste the curtains we already had since we love them, but luckily we think quickly on our feet so we decided to move the curtains on our window into the nursery, where they fit perfectly, and find something neutral and simple for this room. Because this bedding demands to be the center of attention.

(Looking at this photo it drives me crazy that it’s on there a little crooked. Whoops.)

I’m in L-O-V-E. It’s nice and dark with very little white space, which means the dogs practically can’t mess it up. The quality is amazing compared to our old Ikea duvet cover and it feels nice and sturdy, which is just what we need for a bed that houses two humans and up to 3 dogs on any given night. And did I mention it’s PRETTY?

So now, obviously, we had to re-think the direction of our room. Because it’s looking even MORE ridiculous and disjointed than it did before. A lot of our original ideas work just fine, but the feel of the room as a whole will be much more modern and punchy and much less earthy and calm. Which, really, fits in with the rest of our house just fine, so we’re not complaining. Here’s a peek at the direction we’re headed in now:


(Bedding via Target, wardrobe Via Ikea, mirror via Zinc Door, curtain via Target, bench via Target, paint color via Lowe’s)

And, of course, we’ll be keeping our dresser, bamboo blinds, and a lot of the other things. But, as you can see, the simple bedding switch makes a pretty big change in the whole room, despite most of the major elements staying the same.

But I’m happy to give up my original ideas to make room for this beauty. Because I’m obsessed.

Oh, and if you’re curious, we found out that the reason it was 50% off was because of a small hole in the top of it – not in the fabric itself, just a hole in the seam. A quick run through the sewing machine and it’ll be good as new – you won’t be able to tell anything was ever wrong!

We’ve already taken down the curtains and plan to replace them soon with some simple white (or light gray) sheers. We also are super antsy to replace the old bench now that it completely and totally clashes with the bedding. I’m tempted to just get rid of it now, but the dogs love to sleep on it so that’s not really an option.

Obviously the bedding still needs some work – we plan to bring in some fun and bright sheets (maybe coral?) and throw pillows to add some more color…but we’re holding off on a lot of that until we replace the bed, because that will dictate at least some of it…and it seems silly to buy new sheets for our queen bed when we already know we want a king!

We’re also going to take down the gallery wall and put up a big starburst mirror. Once again, though, that’s gotta wait until we get the new bed since we don’t know how tall it will be yet. Apparently a lot depends on that new bed we are dreaming of!

So that’s the newest random update in our bedroom. We weren’t at all planning on replacing the bedding in here yet, and we certainly didn’t think we’d end up with something black, but I’m head over heels in love with it and I think it’s going to look fabulous once all is said and done.

Have you made any changes to the plans you have for your home lately?

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  1. I was just looking at bedding on my computer to upgrade our bedroom! It must be the change in seasons. Your choice is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rest of the transformation.


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