Summer Bucket List: Update

Uh, are we sure it’s actually August? Is summer really over? I have a very hard time believing it.

But, school starts Monday and we’re already back at work this week so I guess I have to face the facts – summer is done-zo. I’ll be honest – I can already tell you that I didn’t complete a lot of the stuff on my summer bucket list. I spent the vast majority of my summer laying around on the couch trying not to be sick and sleeping. Let’s just say it was a good thing that I got pregnant right at the end of the school year – I have no idea how I would have survived the first trimester at work!

Thankfully all the sickness seems to have passed (though these headaches are new and no fun) and I’m getting my energy back slowly, so things are starting to happen around here again (like, you know, laundry…) and I’m hoping that I can finish some of the stuff that I didn’t cross off this summer. But I promised myself I’d at least talk about how I did on the list, so let’s see if it’s as bad as I think it is.

1. Finish head chairs for the dining room. BIG FAT FAIL.

I am so embarrassed that this still hasn’t happened. I don’t know what it is about these chairs, but I just can’t seem to finish them. Part of the hold-up is that I have to rely (very) heavily on my sister for help on these, because she is way better at upholstery than I could ever hope to be and I couldn’t do it without her. And she’s a super home-improvement goddess who has a ton of projects going on in her own house at all times, so she’s just a little busy (and she’s currently in the middle of an amazing bathroom renovation that I’m 100% jealous of!) . I’m not complaining – she’s a HUGE help and there’s no way these chairs would get done without her…I’m more than happy to wait a while if it means that I can sweet talk her into helping and the chairs get done right.

We did make at least some progress this summer, so I’m excited about that – hopefully soon we’ll knock at least one of them out and I can get these giant things out of my garage!

2. Watch lots of movies. CHECK!

(The dogs love movie night!)

I can safely say our garage got a lot of use this summer! We’ve been working on catching up on some classic movies that neither of us had seen (like Good Will Hunting, Clockwork Orange, and The Godfather) and we crossed quite a few movies off our list this summer! I’m hoping we’ll keep using it regularly for movies once the school year starts – Friday movie nights sounds like a good plan to me!

3. Make our bed every day for a month. CHECK! 

We did great with this – it’s turned into a habit for me to make it most days after we both get up, and I’m hoping that when we get back into the routine of school we’ll keep up with it. There is just something about a nicely made bed that makes the whole room feel clean to me, and it makes me happy!

4. Start replacing window treatments throughout the house. SEMI-CHECK.

We didn’t get quite as far on this as I would have liked, but we did replace the window treatments in the kitchen and in our bedroom! That’s better than nothing, right? I’m super happy with the changes we made in both rooms and I think they’ll last us for a very long time, so I am happy to move slowly on replacing the other window treatments so that we can be sure to pick things that will stick around for the long haul. I’m hoping to tackle the windows in the nursery and the dining room next!

5. Rip up the carpet downstairs. FAIL.

Yeah, this just didn’t happen. We had a few unexpected expenses over the summer (like finding out that Cullen has arthritis and hyperthyroidism and a broken a/c in one of our cars), so there wasn’t room in the budget for new flooring downstairs. I’ll give you a little spoiler, though, and let you know that carpet has been ripped up in one room of our house…just not downstairs!

6. Have professional photos taken of us. CHECK!

We did these at the very beginning of the summer as a way to announce we’re expecting and to memorialize this super awesome time in our lives, and I’m so glad we did. The photos we took with our friend Jessica are fantastic, and I’m so grateful to have them!

7. Spend lots of time outside. CHECK!

Between our cruise, pool time, and hanging out in the backyard with the dogs, I can safely say we logged a lot of outdoor time this summer. I got a better tan than I have in the past several years, and I definitely feel like I squeezed every last drop of summer heat out that I possibly could (though, we still have a good month or two left of 100+ degree weather, so that’s not over)!

8. Spend at least 3 Saturday mornings at garage sales. FAIL.

This was one thing that kind of just got away from us. I forgot that we had even wanted to do it until just a couple of weeks ago, and by that point our weekends were already filled to the brim. It’s not too late for this one, though – thanks to the unbearable heat during the summer, I think that fall and spring are actually more popular times for garage sales around here, so I’ll have to be on the lookout in the coming months for some good ones in our area!

9. Eat at a restaurant owned by a celebrity. FAIL.

We actually just didn’t go out to eat very much this summer. A lot of it was because I wasn’t feeling well up until a few weeks ago, and when we did go out to eat I usually wanted junky fast food…that’s definitely one of the fun quirks of pregnancy! There were several weeks where the only food that didn’t make me feel sick was crap like McDonald’s and Wendy’s…so needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of fine dining happening around here this summer. Maybe we’ll cross this one off sometime this fall?

10. Spend plenty of time relaxing. BIG, HUGE CHECK!

This is one that I can emphatically say was accomplished. I got a ton of relaxation time in this summer, and I loved every second of it. I feel very well-rested and ready(ish) to start school next week! Not to say I couldn’t use a few more weeks of couch time, but I definitely can’t complain about the amount of relaxing I got in this summer!

5 1/2 out of 10 isn’t bad – we made it more than halfway! I feel pretty confident that we can still cross most of these things off our list over the next few months, though, so it’s not a complete loss. All I know is that I had an awesome summer and that’s all that really matters, right?!

Did you accomplish the things you wanted to this summer?


  1. Paula says:

    I so wish I saw this at the beginning of summer! I was all over the place then. I definitely would have put some good things for husband & I to do together along with preparing our house for a baby. I’d say you were pretty successful for not feeling well most of the time!


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