Protecting Our Privacy

When I talked about our new nightstand, I mentioned that Corey and I were desperately in need of some new curtains for our room. The old ones were way too small to actually cover the window, and we got rid of the blinds in there when we had the window replaced.

It wasn’t a cute look.

We debated quite a bit on what to do – we love the view outside of our window. The tree is gorgeous and you really can’t see most of the street from our window. But, um, people can see in. Pretty easily. Which means we can’t just leave it bare all the time.

But, the problem is that we both are sick of the look of blinds pulled down all the time – we’ve had that look throughout our house since we moved in, and it’s time for it to go. We’re both ready to move onto something a little prettier that will keep the privacy while still letting in some light (which those white blinds certainly don’t do).

We weren’t quite sure where we were going to go with it until I saw this post from Dana over at HouseTweaking – she’s found the perfect mix of privacy and pretty in her bedroom, and I immediately knew I’d have to copy it.

(Via HouseTweaking)

We started off with these pretty matchstick bamboo blinds from Lowe’s – the color is a great medium tone and they were only about $30.

But, um, those provide zero privacy whatsoever, so of course our next step was to bring in the blackout shade. We outside-mounted the bamboo blinds so that we could inside-mount the blackout shade and it would stay nice and hidden when it wasn’t in use.

And finally, we ordered some Nate Berkus for Target curtains to finish off the look. They’re nice and neutral, which is necessary since we haven’t decided 100% on the direction we’ll be going with the bedding and other stuff in the room like a rug, art, and all that jazz. Plus, who doesn’t love a good white curtain?

So far we’ve  been loving the functionality of this. We close the blackout shade at night before we go to bed (and if we come in the room to shower or change) and we open it up when we wake up for the day. For the last few months we’ve been dealing with the sun waking us up bright and early every morning thanks to our too-small curtains, so the blackout shade means that we can sleep in much later, which is a nice perk. And during the day, we still get the natural light I crave and a pretty view of our tree and front yard.

I’m excited about how it turned out and feeling good that we’ve finally got a window treatment in our bedroom that will last.

Now if only we could agree on a new duvet cover for the bed!

What’s your stance on window treatments? Do you like blocking out all of the light with blinds or do you like to keep your windows bare?

6 thoughts on “Protecting Our Privacy

  1. Love the layers. We have shutters on the front of our house for privacy, but in the back the windows are bare with just fabric panels at the sides to soften things up.


  2. I love the curtain rod at the top. I have started doing that and love it. Another thing I love, the light cancelling curtain liners. For years I have been able to sleep sitting up, in a plane, in a crowded room, with noise and even with the lights on. (Always a Sergeant screaming “IT’S A SAFETY ISSUE!!!”) So now that I am home, I got the dark curtain liners and I tell ya, my bedroom is crypt DARK! I love it!


  3. Love the layers – it looks so great!!! I would love to get the same blackout shade, as we’re really struggling wiwth light in our bedroom… can I please ask where you got it?


    Amanda Reply:

    It’s from Lowe’s! Only about $30 for our giant window. :)


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