Friday Finds: West Elm

I loved browsing through the Anthropologie clearance section a few weeks ago for Friday Finds, so I thought today I’d check out West Elm’s sale section and see what they have to offer. I probably shouldn’t have, though, because I’ve just mentally spent several hundred dollars and had to invoke some serious self-restraint to not turn that into real money spent.

So instead, I’m going to keep my fingers busy typing and away from my wallet. But, uh, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist one or two of these!

(Stripe Duvet Cover – $59)

I want this duvet cover so badly, but unfortunately Corey and I have learned that with 3 dogs who all sleep with us, anything involving too much white is a no-go. We’ve actually debated this one a few times, but we always end up deciding that it’s just too much white for us and we really shouldn’t – we don’t have the energy to try to keep up with keeping that white nice and crisp!

(Sheet Set – $69)

If there was anything on this list that I was seriously SERIOUSLY tempted to buy, this would be it. Corey and I are wanting to bring some coral into our master bedroom and I have a serious crush on anything involving stripes, so this is a big temptation for me. If we had chosen a duvet cover, there’s no way I’d be able to resist, but I probably should wait on the sheets until we decide on the rest of the bedding!

(Paulina Reyes Pillow Cover – $19.99)

Ack, I might have a pillow problem. I just might need this.

(Favorite Throw – $19.99)

Corey and I bought one of these a few weeks ago for the garage and it is so incredibly soft. I love curling up with it, and it’s the perfect weight for us – it’s thin and it breathes nicely, so I don’t get too warm, but it definitely keeps the chill off when Corey has the air conditioner blasting and the fan running!

(Circle Stitch Curtain – $24.99)

I’ve always loved West Elm’s curtain options, and this one is one of my favorites. They’re usually way too expensive for my taste, but this is an awesome sale – Ikea and Target can’t even beat that price!

(Animal Perpetual Calendar – $14.99)

This is adorable! I don’t usually love perpetual calendars (there is just something about crossing a day off the calendar that makes my heart happy), but I might be able to let go of that for one of these guys.

(Bright Shapes Melamine Plates – $2.99)

These are so cute! I’ve developed a little bit of a problem with collecting various melamine plates, though, and I probably should slow it down until I have a better storage solution for them all. I’m definitely going to run out of room soon!

(Kamal Snow Dots Dinnerware – $27.99 for 4 plates)

Corey and I almost bought these dishes around Christmas-time when we were looking for good Christmas dishes. I love the ones we ended up with, but it’s tempting to grab a few sets of these so we have options during the holidays!

(Gemma Orkin Bird Serving Bowls – $19.99)

There are no words for how obsessed I am with these bowls. They are amazing. I want them all.

What have you been drooling over online lately?

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  1. I feel the same way about perpetual calendars as I do about those page-a-day calendars — I always forget to change the date except for like, once a month. I like having a month-at-a-time wall calendar. :)


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