Friday Finds: SF Bay, California

It’s Friday! And that means I’m here with some Craigslist finds for my friend, Jenna. She emailed me and said that her and her family just moved and are looking for a few pieces for their new home – and that she’s willing to give the piece some love.

Jenna was specifically looking for a couple of side tables and for a credenza or dresser to use as a media console under her television. I also tossed in a few random pieces that I couldn’t resist, just because they’re awesome. I didn’t have much luck on the media console front (Craigslist is very iffy sometimes – you never know what you’ll find) but I did fine one piece that I think would be awesome for her!

Enjoy the finds!

(SF Bay Craigslist – $200)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $150)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $60)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $35)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $149)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $180 for table and three chairs)

(SF Bay Craigslist – $150)

Find anything fantastic on Craigslist lately?


One thought on “Friday Finds: SF Bay, California

  1. I love this feature! It’s so fun to see what you come up with, especially when I spend so many hours on CL and haven’t seen any of this stuff! Those end tables at the top are magnificent. I wish I needed them!


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