Chopping It Off

So, I know you guys probably don’t care about my new haircut.

But it’s a pretty dramatic change, and the next time I throw up a photo of me you might not even recognize me, so I figured I’d dedicate a quick post to it today.

You ready for the before and after?

I’ve been wanting a haircut for the past few weeks – my hair was getting absurdly long, and with how thick it is (and the 100+ degree weather we have here in Texas), I was never wearing it down anymore and was constantly cursing it. So, it was time for a change. I’ve been dying to get bangs for years, actually, but I’ve just been too chicken – I had them in high school and hated the upkeep, but I think now that I’m a little older and more experienced with how to deal with my hair, it’ll be easier to maintain. Hopefully. We’ll see.

All I know is I’m loving the change so far, and I’m crossing my fingers the bangs don’t start making me nuts in a few weeks.

Anyone else make a big hair change recently? Any tips on how to make sure I don’t end up hating my bangs?

11 thoughts on “Chopping It Off

  1. Cute!

    No tips on the bangs because I’m notorious for cutting them, loving them for a few weeks, and then pinning them back for the next few months. 😉


  2. I was expecting a way more dramatic change haha, it looks really nice. I have had bangs off and on for about four years now, and I like them, some weeks I find it more annoying to straighten them everyday, but for the most part I love them. My hair grows really fast so I have to trim them pretty much every week. Be sure to wash your forehead more often than before too haha, because it’ll sweat way more, I’ve had a number of breakouts on my head when I was clearly being a dirty person haha. The bangs totally suit you


  3. I maintain my bangs by blow drying them mostly straight then spray them with aquage heat protectant and finishing the job with the straightener. All in all, it takes about 7 minutes to do my bangs. Then when they start to get to long, I trim them to the desired link, and give them texture by pointing the scissors up and trim just the very ends (got that tip from watching my hair stylist). Now I’m so picky about my bangs, I rarely let the hair stylist cut em!
    Love the hair cut!


  4. Seriously cute on you!

    I’ve had bangs in various shapes and forms over the years. I have fine/thin hair so I don’t know how this would apply to you, but I always try to avoid putting product directly on my bangs, since they tend to get stringy/oily first (in the FL humidity, haha). If your salon offers free bang trims, take advantage! I wish I lived closer to my stylist, because if I could stop in every 2 weeks to get them fixed up, I’d probably want to rock the shorter fringe again too!


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