4th of July Fun

I have to admit, Corey and I kind of struggled last week to make the 4th actually feel like a holiday. We didn’t have any parties or picnics to go to, and since we’re both teachers and it’s the middle of summer, it wasn’t like we were enjoying an unusual day off.

But, it’s still technically a holiday, so we knew we had to do something. We decided to make waffles when we woke up to start off the day – we haven’t been making big breakfasts lately, so that right there was almost enough to make the day feel special.

Most of our day was just a typical summer day – we lazed around, did some cleaning, watched an absurd amount of television, and just relaxed. But around dinnertime we headed out to a local 4th of July festival with Hadley in tow – we love an excuse to take her places, and she loves getting out of the house. We don’t even attempt to take our other dogs anywhere – Cullen would spend the whole time trying to jump up on everyone, and Ranger would be a nervous wreck. Hadley’s our only super friendly, easy to approach dog – which is a good thing, because she was quite a popular attraction at the festival – we had a few people come up and say hi and chat with us. It’s always fun to have her with us for that very reason – we actually get to chat with people we don’t know, which we normally probably wouldn’t do!

We hung out at the festival for dinner (Hadley and I split a barbecue sandwich!) and then headed back to the house for fireworks. We thought about sticking around and watching them at the festival, but we hadn’t been smart enough to bring chairs or a blanket to sit on, so we weren’t super comfortable, and it was about 9 million degrees out so we were ready to get back to the air conditioning.

We waited until it got dark outside, then we climbed up on the roof to watch the fireworks. We only live about a mile from where the festival was, so we had an awesome view of the show. It felt pretty silly and special to be hanging out on the roof for the show – definitely not something we do every day! – so it helped the day feel a lot more like a holiday.

Of course, we felt pretty bad when we came back in and realized how terrified our dogs were. Cullen is not a fan of fireworks, and the poor baby was shaking like a leaf. We grabbed him and the other dogs and headed into the garage where it was nice and quiet, and settled in to watch some television until the fireworks died down – it definitely helped everyone chill out a bit!

Of course, the fireworks kept going off long into the night – I’m always shocked by how inconsiderate other people are about stuff like that – I seriously think they were still being lit long after midnight! All in all, though, I think we did a good job of making the day actually feel a little different than usual, and we still got plenty of relaxing in, which is always important for a summer day.

What did you do this Fourth of July?

4 thoughts on “4th of July Fun

  1. My dogs hated the fireworks too. We didn’t stay out too late for that very reason, and I was super annoyed when at midnight they were still going at it across the street. Fortunately, we didn’t have to work the next day, but we were still trying to sleep!


  2. Have you heard of Thunder Shirts for dogs when they have anxiety? They are like super tight shirts that help calm them by making them feel secure. They are kind of pricey, but we figured out that a little boy’s tank top works just as well for our collie who is afraid of the fireworks (and thunder storms, and the lawn guys, etc).


    Amanda Reply:

    We actually have one of those for Ranger – it works great!! We haven’t shelled out the money for one for Cullen yet, though, because he is ONLY afraid of fireworks, so it’s no big deal to just hang with him when they’re going off. The other dogs get a little antsy with the fireworks, but definitely don’t freak out as badly as he does.


  3. We still have fireworks going off a month after 4th of July! I think yesterday our neighbor’s sons set them off all afternoon. Although considering we live down the street from a huge fireworks store it isn’t too big of a surprise. And it still is better than last New Year’s when our front yard wound up covered with fireworks pieces that weren’t are. I understand having fun… but still…


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