One Year Old

Can you believe that tomorrow our sweet little puppy will turn one year old?

If you haven’t read the story of how we ended up with Hadley, you should go back and read it, because it’s a fun one. She was this tiny little mess of a puppy when we brought her home last September, she she immediately captured our hearts.

I have a hard time believing she was ever that small, though she clearly doesn’t because she still thinks she’s about Cullen’s size. She still won’t jump up on our bed without the assistance of a chair, and she doesn’t think she can climb into our car (which is a PRIUS) by herself. But in reality? She’s officially bigger than Ranger now.

She’s not the brightest dog in the world…but we love her.

Our family has gotten a little bit bigger and a lot more chaotic since we got her, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s the big dog we always wanted who loves to cuddle (Ranger is a fabulous dog, but he is NOT a cuddler), and she can keep up with Cullen’s insane amounts of energy.

I’m so, so glad we got her and I still thank Corey regularly for surprising me with her 9 whole months ago.

Happy birthday, Hadley!

Do you celebrate your pets birthdays?

6 thoughts on “One Year Old

  1. Hadley really has gotten big! What a sweet face :)

    Chloe always gets birthday treats of some kind on her birthday. One year I made her pupcakes, the following year I bought her a special toy, then this past year I gave her extra special treats that I bought when she wasn’t with me! Our pups are part of the family, so you have to celebrate their birthdays!


  2. We love our puppy so much, that we got her a pink “Birthday Girl” bandana from Petco for her upcoming 1st birthday in a few weeks:-). With our first rescue, we don’t know quite when he was born, but we celebrate his “this is when we adopted you” day each year. We do know her birthday, though, since the rescue had her littler from 6 days old. Fun!


  3. I just went back and read the story of how you got Hadley. I just love it. Made me smile. I have 3 miniature pinschers. One of them looks exactly like Hadley but way smaller. We always said we would like a Doberman and a min pin at the same time to see how they interact. They have the same mannerisms. One is big and 1 is small. So precious. Give her a birthday hug for me. She is just so cute. You can check out my blog. Our dogs have their own room.


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