Kitchen Window Upgrade

I’ve already talked about how I wanted to update the window treatment in our kitchen. We added these short curtains a while back and, while I love the fabric and the idea of cute little cafe curtains, it just didn’t work for us. I didn’t like the functionality and they looked kind of cluttered next to the sink and cabinets. And, as dumb as it sounds, I hated how the pattern clashed with the pattern on our dishtowels.

I know, I’m a dork.

I’m a big fan of simplicity in kitchens – I like for all of the main pieces to be neutral so that the color and pattern comes from accessories on the counter, dishes, and all that other fun stuff. So, these curtains were cute, but they had to go.

Corey and I wavered back and forth a little, but I was pushing for bamboo-style blinds from the beginning. I love the texture and the natural color they bring, and I liked that they’d function a lot better than the curtains – much more out of the way!

I finally got Corey to agree to my plan, so we grabbed these woven blinds from Lowe’s recently. They’re not actually bamboo blinds, but they’ve got a similar texture and Corey is more on board with these guys than the is with actual bamboo blinds, so it’s a win-win.

Before I show you, let me warn you that I did not clean my kitchen before taking these photos. Corey and I are in the middle of a furniture project (and we’re working on it in there because we are crazy), and I’ve had a hectic week with grad school work, so it’s just not clean. Please look past the mess.


(Please also ignore the awful area on our wall that still needs to be patched. I promise, it’ll get taken care of this summer.)

This solution is so much more fitting with the style I want for our kitchen – a neutral color, lots of texture, and they layer right in without looking cluttered.

And, as an added bonus, they don’t clash with our dishtowels.

I’m just sayin’. That’s important.

What’s your stance on kitchen window treatments? Do you like to keep things neutral like me, or do you prefer more pattern and color?

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Window Upgrade

  1. I love the shades, and I’ve been looking for a similar look for above my kitchen sink! Do you mind sharing the exact style? Are they black or an espresso color? Thanks! Amber


    Amanda Reply:

    It’s from the Allen + Roth line at Lowes, and it’s a super dark brown. They don’t have a ton of options in that line, so it should be pretty easy to spot! :)


  2. Ok I really like your old window treatments so at first I was like, “NOOO!” But I LOOOOVE the new ones! Darn you for always being right. Just come decorate my house. I clearly cannot.


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