Cameras, Cameras Everywhere

I may have a bit of an obsession.

You see, I own quite a few cameras.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m pretty sure normal people don’t own this many cameras.

It all started with the DSLR – we use it mostly for the blog, and it takes awesome, high-quality photos. Love it.

But, um, it’s big. And heavy. And it’s not very fun to carry it around on vacation, or when we go random places and want a few good photos.

So we needed a point and shoot. We originally bought a point and shoot right around the time we were getting ready for a vacation, though, and so we decided to go with an underwater camera – they’re so nice to have at the beach and it’s awesome to be at the pool and not have to worry about getting the camera wet. We love this one too.

BUT. It doesn’t really take super awesome photos. So, while it’s nice to have, I don’t love the photos that come out of it.

So…we decided to get another point and shoot. One that takes good photos. And isn’t an underwater camera. This way, we can use the underwater one when we’re at the pool or the beach, and use the other one the rest of the time.

What else do we have?

Well, we have a video camera. It’s probably not super necessary, and to be honest we don’t use it as much as I’d like to, but I love having home videos and an actual video camera just works so much better then using a regular old camera to take video. So, I love having it.

Oh, and we’ve both got our iPhones which, while not technically an actual camera, we probably use them more than anything else to take photos on a regular basis. It’s just easy!

So, yeah. We seem to be gathering quite the camera collection – I’m thinking now that we have the second point and shoot (it was a pretty recent purchase), we’ll be done. Five cameras is plenty, right?

Although, I would LOVE an old Polaroid camera…

How many cameras do you own? Is five cameras a lot, or am I just crazy and that’s a totally normal number?

8 thoughts on “Cameras, Cameras Everywhere

  1. I have my really fun big girl camera for my blog, but finally got an iPhone for Mother’s Day and find I use its camera a lot. If I could add to my gear, I would add a wide angle lens for room shots and vacations. Oh, and my back yard.


    Amanda Reply:

    I’d love a wide angle lens too!


  2. Lol well I am probably biased but I don’t think it is too many at all :) I’ve cycled through a good many cameras but just have 3 right now if you don’t count our phones. I have my dslr, a point and shoot, and a video cam. On vacation occasionally we’ll buy a disposable underwater cam but I never love underwater pics anyways.

    Honestly though, I mostly only ever use my dslr and my iphone. I got a nice camera bag that looks like a purse and is comfy to carry (kelly moore b hobo bag) and so for family events/sporting events/general life I don’t really mind taking my dslr around. And then if I really dont want to carry a camera at all I just take my iphone. The picture quality is surprisingly good (I have a 5, not sure how that compares to others) and I”m very happy with it for just the random snapshot!


    Amanda Reply:

    haha, that makes me feel better! :) Maybe I just need to get a good camera bag!


  3. We have the same set-up. The nice bag makes carrying around the DSLR better/easier and we had point and shoots but the iphone 5 has just as good capabilities so now we just use those. Prior to upgrading to the 5’s I wasn’t a fan of the iphone camera though. I actually have a flip waterproof video camera as well but it’s currently missing.


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes, I’m definitely antsy to upgrade to a 5 – I’m sure I’ll love it!


  4. I’ve got two pont and shoots (an older one for the hubs since he’s not exactly gentle with them) an underwater, a video camera, plus my DSLR (with 4 lenses) not to mention my phone which i use more often than the point and shoot. I keep the point and shoot in my purse for when we’re out and about and need something with more than a digital zoom. I also have a number of cases and colourful strap thingys haha…my husband thinks I have a problem


  5. I still technically have my old point & shoot. Although it’s pretty much broken, so while I can take photos, I can’t actually change any of the settings. So I upgraded to a DSLR earlier this year. And I also have a flip camera I received as a Christmas present a few years ago. So not counting phones, 2.5 I guess?


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