Adding in Some Red

I feel like I should preface this post with a warning. This project may be sad for some of you.

It was for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the finished product, and I think it looks great in the room.

But this project wasn’t my decision. It was Corey’s.

Allow me to explain – Corey’s favorite color is red. He loves it. But, um, red doesn’t fit in all that well with most of the other colors we use in our house, and it can be tough to find good red decor items that aren’t way too modern or way too country, so it’s just not a color we’ve really used in our home.

But now that we have the garage, and I promised Corey a long time ago that he would have decorating control over the room, it’s time for me to give in and bring some red into the house. The garage isn’t necessarily a “man-cave” (I hate that phrase!) but it is more Corey’s room than mine, so I want him to get to choose most of what goes into it (within reason, of course…).

So, that brings me to the project.

Remember this guy?

Yeeeeah. You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Corey wanted to paint it red.

I kind of wanted to cry.

But I promised him. So I let him do it.


(Obviously the photos aren’t nearly as good because the lighting in here is beyond sketchy right now and I haven’t figured out how to work with it, and the photos aren’t edited by someone who knows what they were doing…which means I edited them myself. So, that’s not helping matters either.)

It looks good. I like the color, it works with the black walls.

But I wish it was still yellow.

(Still haven’t fixed the crooked light, still a ton of random crap lining the walls…we’ll get there!)

In other news, the room is coming together pretty nicely – we brought in some other red touches with some new throw blankets, and once we get the room to a point where it’s a little more put together, I’m sure we’ll add a few other touches here and there. It obviously still needs a lot of work.

So what’s left in the garage at this point? We need to finish hanging the curtains, finish the dresser-turned-entertainment-center, add trim around the window unit and the door, and possibly add a second ceiling light. Oh, and obviously, we need to find a new spot for all the clutter on the edges of the room and add some cute accessories and art so it’s not so bare-looking. And long term, we’ll add some new flooring and some baseboards/crown molding.

And that’s where we’re at! We’re still loving having this room to hang out in, and it gets used on a daily basis. Thankfully, we haven’t stopped using the living room (which I worried might happen), though I’m pretty sure Corey wouldn’t mind it if we never watched television in there again. I guess our regular television can’t compete with a 96″ screen.

What do you think? Are you a red fan, or do you miss the yellow as much as I do?


11 thoughts on “Adding in Some Red

  1. Red is my favorite color but not always for decorating. I like the color Corey chose though. Will he do a shiny coat of lacquer to give that piece a polished look?


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes, probably – we had considered adding a detail like a stencil or something to the front, so we were waiting to decide for sure either way before we add a top coat.


  2. I think this might be the first time I’ve commented, but I just had to chime in – I love it! Don’t get me wrong, yellow is fantastic (my wedding was full of it, it’s such a happy color) but I have a lot of red touches in my home. I think it can be both classic and bring an exotic flair, without being too modern or country. Done right, it looks timeless and sophisticated, while yellow seems to be a bit trendy. I love the look of the garage!


  3. I definitely miss the yellow, too. The red is nice, it’s just not really my favorite color. But at least it was a fairly easy way to compromise- it’s not red walls or anything! lol


    Amanda Reply:

    I’m with you! Definitely not my favorite color…but I agree – it could be worse!


  4. The red looks really nice….but I’m with you, I still wish it were yellow! That said, I love that you’re letting Corey call the shots on the decor in there. Because that just means you’ll get your way somewhere else, right? 😉


  5. I liked the yellow, but for me, I felt that it wasn’t the right color for that room. It wasn’t a bad color at all! Like I said, I did like it, just not for that space :). With the way the room has been decorated so far, I have to say that I prefer the red!


  6. The yellow was great, but the red is fantastic for a nice, cozy media room. Has a bit of movie theater drama and elegance with the red touches in the dresser and pillows. I love it. Everything is looking so nice it might be time to drop “garage” from the vocabulary :)


  7. I love black, white, and red — in fact, our living is red, black, white, and turquoise. But — I liked the yellow better for that dresser! It just “popped” better.


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