Friday Finds

It’s Friday! And for me, it’s the last Friday of school! Whoop!

But, before I go enjoy the last day of school, let’s look at some amazing inspiration from around the internet.

(Via Slide Out Shelf Dallas)

This is genius. Seriously – I am constantly digging around in my pantry, trying to see the things in the very back of the shelves, and there’s always that one thing I can never find no matter how hard I look. With something like this, though, you’d always be able to see everything – what a smart idea!

(Via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

I love everything Sarah does, but this table seriously takes the cake. My eyes were popping out of my head while I was reading this post and I’m already trying to figure out how I can create something like this. Love, love, love. It’s perfect. Make me one, Sarah?

(Via Sand & Sisal)

Tulips are my current favorite flower. They’re so pretty, simple, and I kind of want to coat my entire house in them all the time. I look for them every time I’m in the grocery store, and when they have them I can’t resist buying at least three or four bouquets. I absolutely LOVE the look of this – it makes them even prettier if that’s possible. I am determined to try this sometime soon!

(Via Metal and Mud)

Can you believe these are just plain ol’ pushpins? I love the creativity here – and it’s so simple! I don’t know that I’d ever actually have the patience for something like this, but it looks gorgeous – wouldn’t it be so great in an entryway?

(Via Planet Natural)

Corey and I really want to do some raised garden beds in our backyard, and I LOVE the look of this. Plain wooden garden beds can get a little boring, and I think it’s such a smart idea to think outside the box and plant some stuff in a different kind of container. I also love the fence they have here – we’re going to have to do something like this once we get our beds started (because, um, three dogs).

Well, I’m off to get through the last (half) day of school before summer vacation! Let’s hope it goes by quickly.

What have you been inspired by this week?

5 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. That last picture features a lot of what’s in my yard! We built a mod cattle panel style railing and gate for our deck, and I have large and small troughs for my plants. Big ones in the front filled with squash, peas and zucchini, and smaller ones in the back for my blackberries and grapes (I want them to trail up a trellis and onto our panel fence). But yes, definitely separate from the dogs. I planted some lettuce in an old wagon and my boxer decided it made a good bed and killed half of my crop lounging around in it! Jerk


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