Friday Finds

Happy Friday!

Am I the only one who thought this week went by at a snail’s pace? I knew it was bad when even one of my kids came into class yesterday and said “It’s Friday!”

I sadly had to break the news that it was not, in fact, Friday.

But today is!

Today we’re browsing around the Craigslist in Chicago for Brooke who just bought her first house – congratulations, Brooke! I found some stuff that I’m pretty jealous of, so hopefully she’ll find something she likes!

(Craigslist Chicago – $20)

(Craigslist Chicago – $28)

(Craigslist Chicago – $175)

(Craigslist Chicago – $95)

(Craigslist Chicago – $150 for dresser and nightstands)

(Craigslist Chicago – $150)

(Craigslist Chicago – $50)

I’m in love with that bedroom set…and that milk glass bowl? So gorgeous!

Find anything awesome on Craigslist lately?

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. I love your friday finds!
    I’m so excited about my craig’s list find this week. We needed a couch for the dinging room turned reading room. It is the room you see when you come in to the house so I needed it to look nice with out breaking the bank. I found this beauty Pretty and comfy for almost half the price. It was in perfect condition because it was just being used as a prop in photography studio.


    Amanda Reply:

    That’s so gorgeous! I love it – what a great find!


  2. I love seeing what other cities have on Craigslist – such amazing finds! My area Craigslist hardly ever has good stuff so I can’t help but be envious that big cities like this make it so easy for people to decorate their homes with unique finds!


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