Because I’m Short…

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a shorty. 5′ 4″ to be exact. I don’t mind being short – I married a nice tall guy who can reach the top shelf on the cabinets for me, and I can wear super high heels without feeling like a giant. No big deal.

But, um, there’s a slight issue in our closet.

I keep my boots on the top shelf on my side of the closet, and there is no way I can actually reach the shelf without jumping. And even then, I usually miss.

So, when I want to wear a pair of boots, I have to have Corey come and get them for me, and I have to ask him to put them up when I’m done. I hate to bother him every time, though, so usually the bottom of my closet looks like this:

Something needed to be done about this. So, I asked Corey to build me a step stool for the closet.

Just to be clear, I asked him to do this back when the weather was actually conducive to wearing boots. It’s just taken him, uh, a while to get it done. But that’s okay. I still love him.

He used a plan from Ana White’s book (it’s also online, you can see it here) to build me this cute little guy. I gave him a few quick coats of blue paint and added a fun pink detail. The stenciling is far from perfect (in fact, it’s very, very imperfect), but I don’t mind…I’m the only one who’ll really ever be looking at it! I like the fun little pattern on it, and it makes the stool feel a little more special.

And now?

I can reach! And the bottom of my closet is looking a lot less messy (though it could clearly stand to be vacuumed).

Anyone else vertically challenged? Let’s commiserate…like, am I the only one who has to jump (or climb on the counter, or stretch reeeeeeally far) to reach the top shelf of my cabinets? So annoying!

6 thoughts on “Because I’m Short…

  1. I’m barely 5’1″ so I totally get what you mean. Our closet floor is a MESS…I can barely walk in there. We have tons of plans to organize and de-clutter this summer though, so hopefully I can clean it up and then get a foldable step (our walk in space isn’t that large).


  2. I’m about an inch shorter than you. I have the “short side” of the closet that only has one shelf above the hanging clothes, and I still have to stretch to reach my shoes that live up there. Hubs’ side of the closet has TWO shelves, and we had to switch sides because I couldn’t ever get anything down from there! (And because the short side is bigger haha.)


  3. I’m the same height do I feel ya! I built one of those stools a few years ago and I love how sturdy they are. I’m impressed Cory got the splay down, I just made my sides straight so I didn’t have to mess with angles 😉 an I love the way you finished it!


  4. I’m a super shorty at just over 5 feet. I can’t reach anything high. Hubs and I divide the shelves and other things around our condo based on my vertical challenge-ness. Cute stool colors!


  5. So cute! Love the little pink stencil detail.

    And yeah, I have to keep a little stool in the bottom of our pantry to reach stuff. My husband jokes that any time I ask him to put something away on a high shelf that it will never see the light of day again, since I tend to forget about stuff I can’t see!


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