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GUESS WHAT? It’s the first day of voting for the FINAL ROUND of Creating With the Stars (sorry for all of the caps, but this is a Big Deal, people!). The projects are, as usual, amazing and the competition is seriously stiff. Go check it out and vote for your favorite – I’d love it if you’d use your psychic powers to try and pick ours…I sure would like to win this thing! 

So, there’s this corner (well, really it’s just an area – not an actual corner) of our master bedroom that has been woefully neglected since the day we moved in.

You’ve only seen it once or twice because I avoid photographing it as much as possible (though I’m sure you can’t possibly guess why). I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you that we plopped down that little table there on the day we moved in because we didn’t have a better place for it, shoved a box underneath (that happens to be filled with my N64…because I’m still 12, apparently) and haven’t touched it since. Like, the box is still unpacked, over a year and a half later. We hung the television shortly after moving in, but it was hung entirely too high, and the cords were all over the place.

Basically, it was not a good look.

But we’re making progress.

Corey’s parents got a new television and so we got their old one, which is significantly larger than the one we had here before. Since we were already having to re-hang everything, Corey took some time to hang it lower (thank goodness), and he also hid the cords and components for me. It’s basically the exact same system we have in our dresser downstairs (that’s a seriously vintage post right there, but it’ll get you the info you need!), except that instead of hiding the components in the drawers of a dresser we hid them in the linen closet in our master bathroom (which happens to be right behind that wall), and it makes things look oh so much better.

(Please ignore the random splotches of darker colored paint. There were a few parts on the wall that needed a touch-up and we used the sample tin of our paint, thinking it was exactly the same…apparently it was not. Still need to fix that. Awkward.)

Look! No cords!

We also recently snagged this gorgeous vanity from Craigslist – I’ve been wanting a vanity for forever but up until now I hadn’t seen anything I really liked. This one is the perfect size for this space. We needed something narrow because it’s right next to the door entering our room, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Obviously, we haven’t done anything to it yet. We’ve been a little bit busy with this whole competition thing. But, we’ve been tossing around a few ideas for what we can do with it, and we’re excited to transform it into something a little more modern and fun.

Oh, and just if you’re curious, this is what happens in my house if you try to take a photo of anything, ever.

Yet another Hadley photobomb. Let’s try that again.

(And yes, if you’re curious, she is as tall as that vanity. It is not just the perspective.)

(And, um, as a reminder…she’s not quite even 10 months old yet.)

(Good grief.)

Of course, I’m so used to doing my makeup in the bathroom, it’s going to be a major adjustment for me to change things up and get ready in here. I’m a creature of habit, so disrupting my morning routine is going to be a challenge – but I’m so excited to use this thing that I may have no problem jumping right in and using it instead. It’ll sure be nice to be able to sit down while I’m doing my makeup…can you say lazy?! 

I promise to keep you updated on where we land with this guy – we’re hoping to tackle it pretty soon.

Since we haven’t decided anything for sure, I’d love to hear your thoughts – what color do you think we should paint it? Anyone else have a vanity where you get ready in the mornings?

12 thoughts on “The Neglected Corner

  1. That yellow you used on the cabinet in last week’s challenge would be nice, but anything you choose will be great. You have a great eye, and I love seeing your projects. Good luck this week.


  2. #1 I love the new table. It’s perfect for this spot. #2 I had no idea there was a N64 in your room when you were 12 or I would have played on it when I spent the night. ;p


  3. I would love to have a vanity! My only suggestion is to make sure your bedroom gets enough natural light along that wall so it’s easier to put on makeup – otherwise you’re stuck trying to mess with lights and stuff too.


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes, good point! Our room gets a good amount of light, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.


  4. I voted for #3 (Reading room)…I loved it, and thought it was yours. Hope I’m right! I’d say that the vanity should be a soft color since you have a lot of bold in the room already with the wall color and bedspread…but what do I know? And yes, it’s great to hide cords. We did that in our media room, but have yet to do it in our bedroom. Our puppy’s kennel is underneath right now. Once she graduates from her kennel, maybe we’ll actually get to fixing the TV-cord situation in our bedroom!


  5. I think you should paint it lime green! It’d be so cute against the blue wall. But I’d be a little worried that a bright color on the vanity would “reflect” up at me, and they always say you want a very natural light when you put makeup on. If that’s the case, you could go with a classic white or black.


  6. You are going to LOVE getting ready at a vanity instead of in the bathroom! The only tough part of the switch for me was getting used to not having my bright-ass bathroom lights, but the natural light is better, anyway. :) I can’t wait to see how it comes out!
    For the TV, I was wondering … how did you hide the power cord? Also, does your IR repeater send HD, and how does it look??


    Amanda Reply:

    I’m excited too, haha! To hide the cord we used an outlet-cover type thing (that’s the technical term) that pushes the cords behind the wall. You can find them at Lowe’s near all of the other outlet covers (in the electrical section) – basically there are two of them, and one sits up near the television and has a hole that pushes the cords down, and the other sits near the outlet at the bottom and catches the cords and pushes them back out so they’re hidden behind the wall. I couldn’t find it on Lowe’s website, but it basically looks like this:

    Hope that helps!


    Amanda Reply:

    Oh, and I didn’t answer the HD question – yes, we still get HD and yes, it looks fabulous!


    Corey Reply:

    The IR repeater sends the signal from the remote to the device you are trying to control. The device is still connected to the TV and still sends HD or whatever signal it sends directly to the computer. The IR repeater is used so that the controller doesn’t have to “see” the device to control it.


  7. I’ve got a vanity in our bedroom and I love having it. I think it would be fun to paint it a solid color but have pops of color on some of those wonderful edge pieces to highlight the etching and curves.


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