Friday Finds: South Jersey

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week for Corey and I and I’m pretty pumped that the weekend is upon us. We’ve only got 5 weeks left before summer (!), which is even more exciting.

Today for our Friday Finds we’re headed up to South Jersey for my friend, Mandy. She asked me to do this a while ago but she’s been vacationing for the past couple of weeks so I was waiting for her to return to this side of the world. Now that she’s back, let’s see what Jersey has to offer, shall we?

(South Jersey Craigslist – $35)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $150)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $30)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $40)

(South Jersey Craigslist – $100)

That sideboard is TO. DIE. FOR. And that dresser is looking a bit (or a lot) rough, but it’s got major potential!

What have you found on your Craigslist lately? Anyone else desperate for this weekend to get here?

One thought on “Friday Finds: South Jersey

  1. Ahhh, thank you!

    I saw that side board this past week and loved it too. Thinking about it as a media console/tv stand, but I can’t quite commit to it since I originally had something else in mind. I’m also digging that dresser, though I have no clue where I’d put it. Thanks Amanda!! Have a good weekend & talk soon!


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