Southern Living Showcase Home (Part 2)

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You back? Okay. Let’s get started.

Remember that amazing house that we drooled over together last week?

Mmm, well it’s time to finish drooling over it. The Southern Living Showcase home that I went to check out recently was so incredibly large that there was no way I could fit all of the inspiration into one post. I tried, but I took over 100 photos and it was impossible to narrow them all down to just one post. So today, we’re back to check out all of the bedrooms and bathrooms that we haven’t seen yet.

You ready to be wowed?

Okay, well let’s start off back in the living room. Remember it?

Ahh, so gorgeous. Well, if you head down that hallway you can see to the left of the fireplace, you can access two of the five (!) bedrooms in this house. First up? The master.

Yeah, that’s right – I’m starting off with a bang.

I’m so inspired by everything in this room. I love the neutral color palette and the insanely cushy looking bed. I also love the beams on the ceiling, and that giant wall of windows (you can’t see out of them because it was too bright, but the view was the same view from the patio, which we all know was amazing).

I’m also a huge fan of the wall color – it’s almost white, but not quite. It’s just this gorgeous, super-pale gray that makes the whole room feel bright and airy.

My favorite part of the entire house just happens to be right off of the master bedroom – the master bathroom.

Drool. Once again, it’s mostly shades of white and light gray which creates an incredibly serene feeling and makes me never want to leave.

This mirrored wall was hands down my favorite part of the bathroom and one of the things I found most inspiring in the whole house. I had never seen an entire wall mirrored like this in a bathroom, and I’m in love with the effect it creates. It made the entire bathroom feel larger (like it needed to feel any bigger…) and was just incredibly gorgeous. This is definitely an idea I’ll be keeping in mind when Corey and I do our master bathroom, because I think it could work really well in our bathroom, too!

Oh, and I also adored the backsplash in this room.

Need a closeup?

I’ve seen this tile all over the place online, but this was my first time seeing it in person. The textured effect it creates is stunning, and I kind of wanted to stand there and stroke it for a few minutes. It was amazing.

The shower was also just a little bit impressive.

Oh, and who could forget the closet?

Yeah, it was about the size of our guest room. Seriously. Amazing.

Back out in the hallway, there was also a small (comparatively) hall bathroom – it was hard to get good photos, since there wasn’t any natural light, but it was gorgeous.

And it also had these really nice cabinets instead of a linen closet. It made me wonder if we could convert our linen closet into something like this, because I love how it looks!

Also in this part of the house was a study. A study with dark navy grasscloth wallpaper that I wanted to rub all over my body.

Too much?

Maybe…but the texture on this wallpaper was incredible, to say the least. I was completely smitten.

Aside from the wallpaper, my favorite part of this room was easily the two giant owl prints.

It was hard to drag myself out of this room to go see the rest of the house (because, seriously, it was ridiculous), but my friends were waiting on me so I finally gave the grasscloth walls one last loving stroke and headed to the back of the house to see the next bedroom.

Once again, I loved the neutral and serene color palette, and I kind of just wanted to curl up in the bed and never leave. The walls were a very similar color to the master bedroom, but they had a very subtle lavender tint to them that made the room feel a bit warmer, and tied into the super feminine accents. It was gorgeous.

I was also a big fan of this little sitting area right next to the giant windows.

That table is gorgeous, no? In this room, I was struck by the use of lamps – there were four lamps in the room, and it made me think about how Corey and I don’t really use a ton of lamps throughout our house. They created a nice, not at all harsh light in the room, and I loved the effect it created, so I’ll have to be thinking about ways to incorporate more lamps in our home!

Next up? It’s time to head back up these beautiful stairs to see the bedrooms on the second story.

There are two bedrooms upstairs – one on either side of the great room.

The bathroom in this bedroom was small, but it packed a punch. I loved the adorable crab print on the wall!

I also adored what they did with the shower in here. It was pretty much just your standard bath/shower combo, but they took the opportunity to amp it up a bit with a gorgeous tile detail on the ceiling. It was definitely the highlight of this bathroom and was something I’ve never seen done before – I loved it!

Across the TV room from this bedroom is the last bedroom and the last bathroom in the house. Let’s start in the bathroom.

The tile was amazing and I am absolutely and completely obsessed with that giant map on the wall. The fun pop of color on the mirror was definitely a focal point, and I think the shower in this bathroom was one of my favorites in the house (right behind the master bathroom shower, of course)

And the bedroom? It was definitely the most unique and fun bedroom in the house. It was a fun change from all of the super-serene colors in the rest of the house, and I loved the little bit of whimsy they added in here.

Oh, and even better? This bedroom has this:

Um, yeah. I wanted to stay here forever.

But, unfortunately, I couldn’t. And neither can you. Because, at this point, we’ve seen the whole house and it’s time to leave. I know. It’s sad.

I’m so glad I had the chance to go and check out this house, and I’m still feeling incredibly inspired by all of the amazing things I saw. I think that I’m going to have to start paying more attention to when stuff like this is going on in our area, because I’d love to see more houses like this!

Have you ever been to an “idea house”? Now that you’ve seen it all, what is your favorite part of this one?

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  1. I love going to see showcase homes. I always come away with great ideas. I especially love the mirrors on the bathroom cabinets. What ideas are you going to implement in your home? I bet I’ll have to wait and see :)


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