February Organize-A-Thon: Your projects

It’s Tuesday, and February is officially over (thank goodness!), and that means it’s time to link up YOUR organization projects from the Organize-A-Thon! Corey and I got a ton of stuff done around our house, like corralling our paper, adding some storage to the kitchen, cleaning our bathroom drawers, and organizing the garage to prep it for some work soon. I’m feeling pretty pumped about what we got done, and I know that at least a few of you followed along because I’ve seen posts popping up!

Now’s the time to share. Feel free to link up ANY organization project, even if you didn’t technically do it in February or as a part of the Organize-A-Thon. I just want this to be a nice, big collection of organization goodness.

I’m excited to see what you guys did, and please oh please link up a project or two. This is my first time hosting a link party, and I’d hate to be the only one partying over here all by my lonesome.


5 thoughts on “February Organize-A-Thon: Your projects

  1. Thanks for letting us Oganization Guru’s share our skills. One can always think more clear when things are in order.(well at least I can ) :)


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