Sponsor Love: February

February is just about over. One more day. FINALLY. Is it just me or is the shortest month of the year the one that feels the longest? I swear, there was a point where I was completely convinced that February was never going to end. But finally, it is going to…which is awesome, since it means that March is going to get started and spring break is officially on the horizon. 

But, we’re not finished with February yet – one more day! And, since it’s the end of the month, that also means it’s time for our monthly round-up of our awesome sponsors, and time to give you a chance to check ’em all out and give them some love. Let’s get to it!

To kick us off this morning, I’m introducing a brand new affiliate that I’m incredibly excited about – Craftsy!

I just recently discovered Craftsy, and I’m thrilled about it. They’ve got a selection of online classes for all things crafty – as of right now, their classes focus mostly on sewing and quilting, but there are also classes on cooking, cake decorating, and lots of other home-decor-related topics. I’m basically in love with it, and I can’t wait to try a class out! You get a free sample class just for signing up (you get to choose it – I chose the “Sewing Machine 911” class, since I seem to break every sewing machine I come into contact with), and they give you a discount on your first class. I have full intentions of trying out a class very soon (I’m thinking about the container gardening class!) and I’ll be sure to come back and report how awesome it is. I am so excited about this – want to try it out with me?

sparefoot storage facilities

 SpareFoot is one of my sponsors that people have typically never heard of, and I’m telling you – you need to know about them! IF you ever have a need for extra storage around your house (and really, who doesn’t?) then SpareFoot may be able to help you out. They’re all about making storage for all of your furniture and accessories (or whatever else you’ve got laying around) as easy and headache-free as possible. You can search their huge database of storage facilities (including storage for things like cars or wine!) and read reviews, find deals, and scope the place out entirely to make sure it’s a good fit for you before you choose which place to store your stuff in. I feel like trusting a company to keep all of your extra furniture and memories safe is a pretty big deal, and having a site like this to make sure you can do all of your research first is huge. They’ve also got a pretty hilarious blog that I read pretty regularly. Who knew a storage facility blog could be so entertaining?

Cutting Edge Stencils is an amazing site that carries tons of gorgeous stencils that you can use on your walls, your furniture, or anythign else you can possibly want to stencil. We’ve used ’em before in our own house and absolutely love the product, so I can recommend them wholeheartedly!  Their stencils are so well-made, beautiful, and incredibly easy to use – and Cutting Edge makes it even more simple for you with their how-to videos (they totally saved my life when I was doing my own) and their blog that will give you a ton of ideas if you want to use a stencil but can’t decide what to paint!

And, of course, Cutting Edge Stencils has offered Love & Renovation readers a 10% discount just for being awesome! Just enter “LR10″ at checkout to save some cash!

Layla Grayce is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for amazing stuff for your house. They’ve got some of the most gorgeous lighting, accessories, and furniture ever, and I’m regularly inspired by the drool-worthy images all over their site. They’ve amazing, and you should absolutely check them out of if you haven’t before.


Oh, Blurb. I love them. I love them so much. I know I say this almost every month, but Blurb is the only company I’ll trust with my photo albums – I’ve tried several different photo companies and Blurb is the only one that consistently delivers flawless books that I’m incredibly proud to display in my home. We just got yet another book from them a couple of weeks ago (our 2012 family yearbook) and it’s once again completely flawless. Love them! And, of course, they’ve always got some sort of awesome deal going on – like 15% off of your book (through today…use it fast!) with the code SAVE15. 

This site is basically  the mecca of all things amazing for your house. Seriously. I check One Kings Lane on a pretty much daily basis to drool over their sales (they’ve got rotating flash sales that change all the time, so it’s always something new!) and I’m consistently surprised by how well-priced their stuff is. They’ve got some seriously awesome deals on some seriously gorgeous stuff, so if this site isn’t currently on your must-check-every-day list, add it now!


I’m a huge fan of ModCloth – they have some amazing clothes and accessories, including dresses that are so cute they kind of make me want to cry. And I can speak personally to the quality of their clothes – they’re extremely high-quality and I adore how they fit. Even better, they have some seriously amazing home decor that you don’t want to miss out on.

And those are our lovely and wonderful and amazing sponsors! Give ’em some love because they are pretty much the best sponsors a girl could ask for!

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