This is F*&%ing Awesome

Those of you who read Young House Love (everyone, right?) probably know where I’m going with this post. They issued a challenge last Friday to head to a thrift store with $20 in your pocket (just like in the song!) and see what you can score. They’re hosting a huge link party this week so everyone can share their spoils and we can all see what you can snag for $20 at thrift stores all over the country.

I was, of course, thrilled about the challenge and couldn’t wait to head out to our local Goodwill to see how many awesome things we could find.

We ended up finding way more than I would have expected for only twenty bucks, and I’m super excited about it. Ready to see what we bought?

First up, this cute little frame. It was a whopping $0.99, and I’m a sucker for a good frame with a fun, different texture. We’re constantly looking for new things to add to our gallery wall (and we’re starting to build one in our bedroom, so we’re even more in need of frames)! I don’t have anything to fill it with yet, but I’ll figure it out soon. All I know is I’m loving the rope-like texture on this guy, and the nice, natural color.

We also grabbed this little flower art for $1.99 – I love that it’s three-dimensional and, while it wasn’t exactly…pretty…as it was, I knew with some paint it would look fabulous.

And, as usual, I was right. We had some white spray paint hanging out in the workshop (don’t we always?) so I gave it a couple of quick coats and just like that it was looking modern, crisp, and super fun. I love it, and I can’t wait to find a spot for it in our gallery wall!


Um, yeah, I know that doesn’t look like much but this may be the find I’m most excited about. I recently read a blog post by The Nester about how to keep your pillows looking fluffy – apparently the key is feather or down pillows!  Our throw pillows are constantly looking pathetic, because we have dogs who do this…

…so, um, I’m always looking for ways to help out our pillow situation! We knew this would work for us, because we have one feather pillow on our couch and it’s the only one that consistently looks nice and fluffy, no matter how many humans or dogs use it. So, I walked through the pillow section at Goodwill and felt up all of the pillows – this was the only feather one they had and it was in a super ugly cover. Luckily, it was removable so for $5.99 I had a nice sized feather pillow! I brought it home, washed it, and replaced the ugly cover with one from a pillow already on our couch.

I’m unreasonably excited about how awesome this is. I can’t wait to replace the rest of our pillows!

I’m having a huge gold moment right now and I’m totally drawn to anything gold toned that I can put in my house. Love, love, love. These super simple little candleholders were $7 for both, and I’m obsessed. We haven’t put any candles in them yet because all of our candles are buried in the garage with our Christmas stuff, so I need to gather up the energy to track ’em down. But I have a feeling they’ll look fantastic.

And, finally, one more find that you’re probably going to give me the side-eye for. But just trust me – I knew what I was doing.

I know. It’s awful. BUT, with a quick coat of gold (I know – I have a problem) spray paint, it looks shiny, fun, and amaaaaaazing. And for $0.99, I couldn’t resist it!

SERIOUSLY. Adorable, right?

And, just for a quick recap – here’s all of the stuff that we were able to buy at our local Goodwill for just $20. Not bad, right?

Did anyone else participate in the challenge? What can you find at a thrift store in your area for just twenty bucks?


13 thoughts on “This is F*&%ing Awesome

  1. Nice score! Love the fish. I would use that in a bathroom in a glass bowl with a shell collection. Curious as to where you are putting yours?


    Amanda Reply:

    I haven’t decided for sure yet! Right now, it’s sitting on a bookcase in our living room, but it’ll probably float around a bit before I find a good home for it!


  2. I’m really impressed with what you found for $20! I love how you turned the flowers and fish into really cool pieces! I didn’t know about the challenge, but last week Jim found a cart for $20 at a local thrift/antique/craft mill. I’m super excited to paint it and bring it back to life. We’re planning to use it as a bar cart. We’ve wnated to buy one for awhile, but they are always so pricey. It’s in rough shape now.


  3. My mom is a thrift store/goodwill goddess. She always finds the cutest items and home decor. I really love her style. Isn’t it amazing how with a little creativity, we can find and re-purpose home decor?


  4. Love what you found! The fish is awesome – I spray painted some of my finds too! Wrote up my blog post last night it lost it somehow. Boo!


  5. As I was scrolling down and saw the feather pillow the first thing I thought was, “I wonder if she reads the Nester?” Feather pillows can be expensive but so worth it. I totally get your excitement! I agree with the others too – the fish looks great in gold.


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes! I was so excited to read that post because I have been desperate for a way to keep my pillows fluffy! It’s worked fabulously so far – can’t wait to replace them all!!


  6. I am also unreasonably excited about those candle holders. I like that brass is making a comeback (as long as it doesn’t go on faucets again, we’re cool). Great score on that pillow, too! Feather down anything is pricey.

    Stopping by from YHL!


  7. I would have never thought of spray painting one of those 3D art things! I’ve seen them in thrift stores before. I’ll have to grab a few next time because I love how yours turned out!


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