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I have a pretty exciting project to share with you guys today. I’m so excited about it, in fact, that I’m going to just jump to the chase and share a photo of the finished product to get you interested.

You interested yet? You know what’s even more exciting than this project? The fact that it’s part of’s Blogger Challenge – which means that it’s a competition! I know you all love a good competition, right? And what’s even more exciting than that? You could end up with two chances at winning $100 to just by participating in the voting! We’ll get to that in a minute, though – first, let me explain what’s going on.

I was asked to participate in the Blogger Challenge – for this challenge, they sent each of the participating bloggers a plain white lampshade and told us to go for it.

I’m awful at coming up with ideas for these sorts of things, so my brilliant sister helped me brainstorm, and she gave me the idea to do a lampshade inspired by this gorgeous fish scale art that is all over Pinterest.

(Via Kara Paslay Designs)

I (of course) loved the idea, and I knew it would be perfect for the challenge. And, lucky enough, it was also incredibly easy to execute. Y’all know I love me some DIY instructions, so if you’re interested in making a scalloped lampshade of your own, read on.

You’ll need:

12 sheets of 12X12 white scrapbook paper
Gold spray paint
Gold ribbon
A circle paper punch (mine was 3.5″ in diameter)
A lampshade (duh!)

On the paper – I probably could have found gold metallic spray paint, but I didn’t see any at my Hobby Lobby and it was super easy and quick to spray paint it. I used 12 sheets for my lampshade, you may need more or less depending on what size lampshade you use.

I sprayed the scrapbook paper with the gold spray paint – I was shocked by how quickly it dried and how nicely the spray paint worked with the paper. Apparently you really can spray paint absolutely anything. I let it all dry for about 30 minutes before working with it – that’s all it took! I ended up using two different brands of spray paint on the paper – every brand has a slightly different tint, and that ended up creating a bit more dimension in the finished product – I sprinkled in some of the lighter gold circles with the darker, more bronze ones. I think it was definitely worth the extra effort of using two different colors!

Once my paper was all painted and dried, I used the paper punch to cut out a ton of circles. Like I said, I used 12, 12X12 pieces of scrapbook paper and got 9 circles out of each page.

Then? You get to gluing! This part was tedious, but incredibly easy. I overlapped my circles by about half an inch, but most of the ones I’ve seen online did not overlap them – it’s really just a matter of what look you prefer. I started at the bottom and did one row at a time, just eyeballing the placement until the whole thing was full. I also alternated which way the circles were overlapping on each row, to keep it from being too uniform and “perfect” – if you want a more uniform look, though, make sure you overlap the same way every time.

Then, I cut off the excess paper that hung over the top of the shade…

And attached my shimmery gold ribbon to the top to clean it up. Originally, I had planned on also trimming down and adding a border to the bottom of the shade, but I ended up liking the look so I left it as-is.

We hadn’t originally planned on actually using the lampshade in our home when I was first issued the challenge – we weren’t desperate for a new lamp anywhere, and I hadn’t really intended to try to make something that would fit into our home. But this? I love it way too much not to display it! So we grabbed a new lamp from Target and it now has a home right behind our couch in the living room. I love it because our living room needed some more gold tones in it to complement our gold Ikea bookcase, so it works well.

And, seriously, it’s just a cute lampshade.

Oh, and since you’ve gotta see what it looks like when it’s all lit up –

I’m in love!

So, now comes the part where I ask you to vote for me.

I’m not one to beg and beg for votes, so I won’t do that – but I will tell you that if you vote, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to And if enough of you vote and we actually win this thing? I’ll also get a $100 gift card to to give away here on the blog!

So, technically, if you vote and we win, you’ll have two chances at $100, so I think that’s a pretty good incentive, no? All you’ve gotta do is go to and vote for your favorite lampshade – and just like that you’ve got an entry for the gift card!

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