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Happy Friday!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m on a big organizing kick right now, and I’m continuing that again this week with some more amazing ideas for keeping your home organized (as well as a couple of things to keep it looking good, too)! I received several emails last week with requests for Craigslist Friday Finds, so you’ll be seeing those over the next few weeks, but for now I had too much awesome inspiration not to share. Enjoy!

(Via Infarrantly Creative)

I’m obsessed with this idea and I’m doing it as soon as I can talk Corey into helping me out with it. The drawer that holds our measuring cups and spoons is absolute insanity right now, and anything that will make it easier to access these guys would make a world of difference. This is so simple and quick – I’m in love!

(Via Tikkido)

I also love this idea. The doors on the cabinets next to our sink aren’t wide enough for this, but we could do it on different cabinets. I’m constantly cursing the cabinet that holds all of our cutting boards and baking sheets right now because, like the drawer I mentioned above, it’s a hot mess. This looks pretty simple and cheap, and I bet it makes life a whole lot easier!

(Via Garr Den of Love)

Um, wow. I never would have thought that $10 worth of hardware would make that much of a difference on a garage door! I’m definitely going to keep this idea in mind for when Corey and I finally get around to painting the exterior of our house (it seems silly to do it when the door is currently a color we hate).

(Via Little Lucy Lu)

Um, this is adorable. I have to hang dry Corey’s shirts so they don’t shrink and, while we have a good place to do that right now, when we update our laundry closet we won’t really have anywhere to do that. I love that this is out of the way since it hangs from the ceiling, and it’s super cute to boot!

(Via The Family Handyman)

Another awesome way to keep the cabinets organized. This is a great idea for those not-often-used baking sheets and pans – you know, the specialty ones, not the ones you make chocolate chips cookies on since those get used on a near daily basis (at least they do if you live in my house!). Anything that helps make my cabinets more organized is something I can get excited about!

And that’s my inspiration this week. I’m feeling pretty excited about a few of these ideas and will definitely be trying them out very soon. I’ll let you know how it goes!

What have you been doing to keep your house organized lately?

14 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. I have done the garage door idea and the cookie sheet storage idea and love them both. The ladder, for me, would be great in a small storage area I have for hanging winter coats and ski stuff for the majority of the year. So cute.


  2. The garage door idea is genius — I pinned it immediately! Also, since you’re on an organizing kick…does this mean there will be another February Organize-a-thon? :)


    Amanda Reply:

    That’s definitely in the works!! I’ve been planning for the past couple of weeks – I’ve got all of my projects lined up and I just need to get started! :)


  3. Okay, that measuring cup one is stellar!

    We use a free-standing dish drying rack on our counter to hold cutting boards (on their sides) and the baking sheets (standing on end)–it keeps them standing up so doesn’t take up too much space, fits in a corner of one of our counters, and sits next to the knife block so is fairly handy for the day-to-day cooking chores.


  4. OK, I will say that I did the measuring spoon and cup option on my kitchen cabinets, and the one caveat I have is that those spoons and cups will bang on the cabinet door every time you close it unless you do it realllyyy sllooowwllyy, which kind of drives me a little nuts.

    I have my plastic measuring spoons hanging, but I had to take down my metal measuring cups because they were SO LOUD. So, my advice would be to use plastic ones, or to also hang something like a strip of cork or something to deaden the sound and prevent it from damaging the inside of your door.


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks for the warning! I’ll definitely try something like that – mine are stainless steel, so I’m sure they’re loud!


  5. I’ve done the measuring cups too – and like Kelly, I don’t like the banging the metal cups make when I open the door… because of that I now find myself ~slowwwwwly~ opening ALL the cupboard doors :) Another note, we’re renting, so we used the velco Command Strips to affix our strips of wood – scared the crap out of us (& the cat) the day the velco let go and the metal measuring cups went tumbling!!! =)


    Amanda Reply:

    Haha, good to know! I think I may try using cork to help the noise? Mine are stainless steel, so they’ll be loud!


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