Fireplace Progress

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Ever since the day we moved into our home, I’ve had big dreams for our fireplace.

It’s not the most exciting fireplace in the world right now – it’s pretty plain, has some awful clash-y tile, and really kind of just blends in to the rest of the living room. But someday? It’s going to be fabulous. We plan to cover the whole thing with a stone veneer, add a chunky reclaimed wood mantel, and do a few other things to spruce it up and make it the superstar of our entire first floor. But for now? It’s still a bit…boring.

But! For Christmas, I got a gift that brings us one (small) step closer to awesome. That’s right – I got the giant faux deer head from Z Gallerie that I’ve been lusting after for what feels like my entire life. And it is marvelous.

Please ignore the rest of the mantel decor for now – it’s in a bit of a transition phase and I’m not sure I love it yet, but let’s just focus on that ginormous resin animal that hangs from my wall. It’s gorgeous, right? I was worried that it would be too big from the space and that it would jut out into the living room and feel a bit imposing, but I seem to forget how large our living room actually is – it fits right in almost as if it was made for the space and I am head-over-heels 100% in love with it.

Of course, now that it’s up and we have a bit more focus on our fireplace (as opposed to when there was just a dinky little mirror in there and the whole thing was hardly noticeable), Corey and I both agree that it’s missing something. I can tell you for sure that what it’s missing is a ton of stacked-stone veneer and a new mantel, but unfortunately those things are still a bit far off for us. We have bigger priorities right now, like the fact that every window in our house is as thin as a sheet and I’m freezing. all. of. the. time, so new windows will have to come before a fireplace makeover.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to amp it up a bit in the meantime, right? We’ve actually already got a plan in place for how to give the fireplace nook a bit of oomph – the supplies are bought, and all that’s left to do is, um, DO the project. And, naturally, we need some better accessories to live on the mantel with a bit more color and a bit more height – but for now I’m incredibly happy with the giant leap forward our fireplace has taken. It makes me giddy.

Oh, and is it totally pathetic that I’m already looking forward to next Christmas so I can deck him out with some tinsel? I have a problem.

Anyone else get a giant faux animal for Christmas? Any guesses on what we plan to do to give our fireplace some love while we save our pennies for the makeover of our dreams?

6 thoughts on “Fireplace Progress

  1. I’m a big fan of the resin animal heads! AND, I’m also a fan of that little gold camel. Where is he from?? I love him!


    Corey Reply:

    My mother’s mom was a camel collector. Her house was covered in camels when I was growing up. Like every stair had 2 camels ( one on each side) and all the rooms had camels that matched the theme of the room. Naturally we all enabled her and got them whenever we saw them. That being said when she passed away last year her collection was divided amongst everyone. We got the brass camel that we love. We are also trying to talk my mom into giving us a camel side table that Amanda talked about when we talked about all the stuff my mom has in her house. So, no idea where it is from, but it is old. Sorry.


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