Changin’ It Up

Okay, let me warn you – this isn’t going to be a post about anything groundbreaking, Pinterest-worthy, or even heavy on the DIY skills. In fact, it’s a downright ridiculously simple way to freshen things up in your house that costs exactly zero dollars and just a few minutes of your time. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about working with what you’ve got and actually changing out your decor every once in a while.

I’m the worst at this. If you’ll remember, I threw a bunch of milk glass vases on our mantel on the day we moved in and then proceeded to change absolutely nothing on that mantel for the first 17 months that we lived here.

So, so boring.

Putting away our Christmas decor, however, was a great reminder for me that it was time to switch some stuff up, and since our house was already in shambles and our accessories were scattered all over the place, it was already halfway done! So, rather than just putting everything back exactly where it was before, I took a few minutes to find some ways to switch things around and give several small areas in our home a new life.

I know. Not exactly newsworthy material here, people. But, I’m telling you – I have to force myself to remember to do stuff like that, and if I don’t, my house accessories never ever change except when I bring something new in. And that’s no fun. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it made (to me, at least) to change things around, and it has made me look at all of the little tchotchkes we have in a whole new light. I’m not completely convinced that I like all of the different vignettes I set up, but that’s part of the fun – sometimes  you’ve gotta live with it for a few weeks and then change it again.

And here comes the part where I stop babbling and actually show you what I changed. I know most of you probably don’t have my house memorized (gasp!) so this may not look like anything new to you, but trust me – it’s different! If you really care and want to look back, you can follow the links to see what the bookcase, the mantel, the entryway, and the kitchen cabinet looked like previously. Or, you can just keep scrolling and see what they look like now!

Let’s start in the living room – I didn’t change much in our bookcase because I still need it to actually, you know, hold our books (or at least some of them), but there are a few small changes.

You’ve already seen our updated mantel, but I’ll include it here again since it has been one of the most-neglected spots in our home since we moved in. This is one of the areas that I’m not 100% in love with. It needs some variation in height and a few things to soften it up (maybe some flowers or greenery?), but it’ll get there.

And, also in the living room is the console by our front door. This one was the most difficult for me, as I’m used to having a tiny little table here that doesn’t fit anything, so it was intimidating to have all of that blank space staring at me. I’m not completely sure about this one, either, but I like the idea behind it and I think it’ll grow on me.

We still need to figure something out about that way-too-small-and-hung-way-too-high mirror, but this is still a major improvement over what we were working with before!

And, finally, let’s step into the kitchen to check out our hutch. Previously, this was used mostly for decorative items with a few serving pieces thrown in for good measure (along with our fancy china that we never ever use) , but I’ve changed things up so it now houses some of our cuter drinkware (I got these beauties from Anthropologie for Christmas!), some cute bowls (also a Christmas gift), and all of our pitchers in one spot. It’s much more functional now, and I think it’s still pretty cute to boot!


And that’s my not-at-all exciting but completely free and totally refreshing idea for how to make yourself love your home a little more. I love to switch things up like this when I’m feeling like I want something new for the house but don’t want to spend the money – it’s a great way to remind myself that I have a ton of really great accessories already and I just need to utilize them better!

Do you switch up your accessories often, or do you keep things the same for a long time like me?

8 thoughts on “Changin’ It Up

  1. This looks fabulous, and you are an inspiration for my family room makeover that we’re looking to redo in the Spring!

    Are the Craspedia in the vase on your console real? If not, did you DIY them, or were they purchased from somewhere?


    Amanda Reply:

    Aw, thanks! The craspedia are real – they’re actually from our wedding two years ago. They still look just as good as they did on the day of the wedding! I’ve seen some good tutorials for DIYing them, but if you order some online they’re super easy to dry and they last forever! Hope that helps. :)


  2. I really like what you did with the console table in the front room. it’s simple and clean, with plain lines. One way you can combat the “small and high” mirror might be to put some of the milk glass on a stack of books, giving some more height and dimension? It worked for us, I dunno.
    And I’m totally the same way about not ever changing around things decor-wise–if I found a layout that worked, why mess with the system? haha. I’m starting to come around more or less, but it’s hard to change!


  3. We do this every once in awhile. We have a chalkboard collage wall and try to change that monthly, so that alone keeps things different, but I definitely think it keeps things more interesting to make little changes here and there. It also gets you to think a bit mroe creatively and learn what works and doesn’t work. Nice tip!


  4. I love your bright and cheery colors! Have you thought of hanging the mirror vertically? You could stretch it visually by making it look like it was hanging from some fabric or rope tied in a knot…


    Amanda Reply:

    I have played around with that idea, but then we’d just have the problem of it being too narrow to fill the space nicely. I think the only solution I’ll really be happy with is a new mirror (which is definitely something I’m on the lookout for!) :)


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