Book Signings and Blog Crushes

So, I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I’m a total nerd for Young House Love. I’ve been reading their blog for years, I comment pretty faithfully , and I am basically in love with everything they do.

I have a blog crush, if you will.

Knowing this (if you didn’t, you do now!) about me, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been eagerly anticipating their book signing here in Austin ever since they announced it like, forever ago. I may or may not have been counting down the days. And guess what? It was last night! Corey and I headed to the bookstore right after work – we got their almost an hour early, and all of the seats were already filled…apparently we aren’t the only ones with a blog crush on John & Sherry! Thankfully, I snagged one of the very first standing spots and had a pretty perfect view of their “stage”.

(Apologies for the not-so-awesome iPhone photos. I wasn’t about to lug my big ol’ DSLR in there!)

Watching their videos and reading their posts, I’ve always thought to myself that there is absolutely no way they’re actually that friendly, funny, and just likeable in person. No one is really that likeable, right?

Um, WRONG. They’re just as adorable and hilarious in person as they are online, if not more. They were constantly cracking little jokes throughout their presentation and were so incredibly approachable and friendly. I loved them in person. They talked for about 10 minutes, then allowed the rest of their speaking portion to be set aside for questions from the crowd. Their talk was super interesting, though, so let’s focus on that first.

They have talked so much about the book and the process behind it on their blog so far that I was kind of expecting most of what they said to be a repeat of things I’ve already heard – but surprisingly it was all new and it was (of course) fantastic. They talked about the 5 big differences between writing the book and writing for their blog and, while I’d never put much thought into how the two are different, it was fascinating to hear their take! They explained that when they’re blogging, most of what they do is in response to a need. They need a new media cabinet? They find a gorgeous mid-century dresser and clean it up. Their kitchen is dark, dated, and not very functional? They give it an insane makeover, bringing in tons of light and function. But with the book, it was so much more open – they could do whatever they wanted, and there were really no limits on what sorts of projects they could do or what style they could do them in. If you’re familiar with the book/their blog, you’ll know that a ton of the projects in the book are a pretty different style or color palette from what’s in their house, and they said that was half the fun, because they got to try out things that they’d never do in their own home. It was really cool to hear their take on what it was like and how it was different, so I really enjoyed their little talk.

The Q&A session started off with a bang (pun intended) when the very first question was why Sherry had her bangs pinned back (it was wet and rainy) and the second question didn’t get asked because it was going to be the same thing. Sherry joked about how it had been quite a scandal when she posted about her new bangs on Instagram, because everyone thought they were fake. She promises they’re real (and they should have a post going up about them today!) and she’d never trick us all into thinking she got bangs when she didn’t.

Yup – we ask the hard-hitting, totally relevant questions here in Austin.

I was amused by how many of the questions were about Sherry’s hair, her non-pregnant status, and other completely-not-about-DIY topics. But, I guess that’s the sign of bloggers who people truly care about, right? They handled the questions (that I’m sure they’re getting tired of) with complete grace, though, and were making us laugh throughout the whole thing. I even got to sneak in a question about how hard it was for them to come up with all of the ideas for their book (answer: not very, and even easier once they decided to separate it into rooms, because then they had more of a focus). Once the questions were answered, it was time to head upstairs for the book signing!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter/Instagram may have seen that I brought two books to the event…one for Corey and me…

…and one for one of you!

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

I was totally nervous going up to talk to John & Sherry at the signing, because I’m totally awkward in these sorts of social situations. I am the worst at small talk, and I was terrified I would just stare awkwardly at them the whole time I was at the table. Luckily, they’re super sweet (have I mentioned that yet?) and put me right at ease. We chatted a little bit as they signed the book (and John complimented my bicycle scarf!) and then we headed out. But, not before signing THEIR book. They are bringing a blank copy of their book that they got during the editing phase to all of their signings (it just has the cover of the book, but all of the pages are blank) to have everyone sign. It was almost completely full already, but Corey and I managed to find a blank page to make our mark.

We had so much fun going to meet John & Sherry last night, and I’m so glad we did it (even if it did get me home way past my bedtime because I’m apparently 90 years old and need to be asleep by 10:00).

And now, for the part you care about – the giveaway! I’ve got one signed copy of John & Sherry’s book to share. All you’ve gotta do is leave a comment, and I’ll pick a random winner. I’ll leave it open until midnight on Sunday, January 13th.

Ready? GO!

Have you ever been to a book signing? Would you have been geeking out over meeting John & Sherry as much as I was?


  1. Kristen says:

    ahhh, so jealous! they’re not stopping anywhere near me on their tour. :(
    they seem like such awesome people! I have to stop putting it off and just get their book already – although a signed copy would be amazing! 😉


  2. Janeidy says:

    I’ve been following YHL for years!! I remember when Sherry would prepare the moodboards for people, but that was way before they’ve gotten so popoular. Now there’s no time for personalized moodboards! I’m so jealous you got to meet them. Wish they’d come to Tampa!!


  3. Gill says:

    I actually found YHL through your blog! So it was kind of surreal for me to see you all in a photo together 😉 I would have been very excited!


  4. Krissy says:

    I am SO jealous, but I am so happy you got to meet them because I know how much you love YHL!
    Also, you are way awesome and generous for buying a second copy for one of your readers! :-)


  5. Corinne says:

    i’ve been following YHL ever since I moved back to Columbus in August 2010. I was buying a house and they were the only DIY blog I happened to come across. I read their posts every single day and get so much inspiration from them! i was so excited when I heard the book was coming out. I was even more excited when I saw they were doing a book tour! Sadly I couldn’t make it to the book signing in Cincinnati late last year. My mom was visiting that weekend and didn’t want to drive out there with me :(


  6. Erin says:

    I wanted to go so badly last night! But being in San Antonio and dealing with all the traffic (which you know is worse in the rain here in TX) in both cities kind of put a damper on plans. And I guess I’m glad I didn’t if the crowd was already a good size an hour before hand! Glad you guys got to represent Texas well!


  7. Sarah says:

    I’m so jealous they haven’t come to South Jersey! I also felt like such a creeper liking your photo on Instagram but I love John & Sherry thanks to you!


  8. Lauren says:

    It was good to meet you last night! I’m not entering, so if you draw my number, don’t pick me 😉

    They were so sweet. I told them I had meant to bring this diver’s helmet we had spray painted teal for them to sign, but totally forgot. John got all excited and started asking me where we got a diver’s helmet.

    It was really nice, they had to be exhausted, but they were still so sweet and attentive with every single person.


  9. Lauren says:

    How awesome! I am so jealous – we just moved away from Ft. Lauderdale, which they’re visiting tomorrow, so I missed out on their book signings :( I was also in Chicago while they were there, but I had to work at a trade show and couldn’t sneak out for the signing, so this would be so amazing to win!


  10. Eve says:

    I’m so jealous!! They aren’t coming to Southern California, so no book signing excitement for me:-(. I’ve been holding out buying their book because I’m dying for a signed copy. Please pick me!!!!


  11. Layla says:

    So jealous! Almost everyone I know in Austin was at this book signing!

    I’ve never been to a book signing before…I wanted to go to a Jimmy Carter one but couldn’t get off work, and the George W. Bush one, which we intended to go to, happened while we were in Vegas. One day I’ll make it to one!


  12. Brooke says:

    Love Love Love YHL!! I was supposed to go to their event in Chicago last month at West Elm but had to go out of town for a family thing last minute and was super bummed. Their DIY style is utterly amazing!


  13. Amy says:

    I am in literal tears that the closest they are coming is about 3 hours away and i can’t take off of work!
    SO jealous that you were able to go…and what an awesome review/post you did about it!
    LOVING sherry’s bangs…and i love their blog…it’s so inspirational.


  14. Jen T. says:

    I love them! I have my book on hold at B&N…but maybe I’ll hold off and see if I win a signed one :)

    For my 11th birthday, I got to meet Ann M. Martin, ya know, the author of the Babysitters Club books! I felt pretty awesome about that :)


    Amanda Reply:

    Ahh I would have died to meet Ann M. Martin when I was a kid! I met Louis Sachar (Holes, Sideways Stories from Wayside School) once and it pretty much made my life.


  15. Amber says:

    Eek! I’m so excited you got to meet them, I have a total blog crush on them and they aren’t coming anywhere near Memphis. :( I’ve never been to a book signing, and wasn’t super excited about any until this one and the blogess’s book (which I love) :)


  16. Ashley says:

    You’re so lucky you got to meet them. I’ve been following you since wedding bee and I think it’s awesome we both like the same blog. ( side note, I love all of the home decor projects you have done at your house)


  17. Meghan Adair says:

    Oh em gee!! I love John and Sherry (and the bean and burger, of course). One of my favorite blogs! Wish they’d come nearer to me :)


  18. Emily R. says:

    I am commenting, but please do not pick me to win. That sounds crazy, but I am making the 3 hour driving to one of their signings later this month and this is the one drawing I would hate to win and take a book away from someone else. I love that many of my favorite bloggers have been going to the signings and posting stories. I am getting so excited. I am still worried about awkward interactions, I am going to be star struck. Thanks for posting.


  19. Brittany G says:

    I was there too! I saw you but I am also very awkward with small talk so I decided not to be a weirdo. Sadly I didn’t get my book signed because I didn’t buy it there :( I’d love to have a signed book and of course I’d give my current book to a DIY friend!


    Amanda Reply:

    Aw, you totally should have come and said hello – we could have been super awkward together! :)


  20. Evelyn says:

    I love John and Sherry! I’m not a homeowner quite yet, but have been reading their blog daily since I was introduced to it two years ago. They’re full of such great decorating ideas, I’m itching to get a home of my own!


  21. Lori Kay says:

    Gah! This is so awesome!!! I love your blog as much as I loves theirs. Both inspiring to me as my husband and I try to fill our house full of love and renovations.


  22. Sarah says:

    I was home in the Nation of Texas for R&R at Christmas, I had pre-orderd FIVE of their books and it was the BEST gift I gave to my girlfriends. I would have LOVED to meet Sherdog and you guys too. Oh well, maybe next year! LOL!


  23. Tabitha says:

    I would love to go to a book signing, but unfortunately I live in a small town in Ontario and there are never any book signings close to us :(

    So excited for you that you got to meet them!


  24. Kathryn says:

    I went to a Drew Brees book signing after the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. It was a blast. My hubbie was not fealing a drive to Cinci to get a book signed, boo on him, hopefully I will be lucky today.


  25. Brie E says:

    It’s so fun to follow John and Sherry on their blog with all the book signings, then see other blogs I follow post about the signing they were at! Makes the world seem a little bit smaller.


  26. Kate says:

    So jealous for two reasons:

    1) You got to go the book signing and 2) You have access to Book People! (It is one of the places I miss the most in Austin.)


  27. Jillian S says:

    I found young house love through you and with the combo of their bl;og and yours i feel so ready to tackle DIY projects…glad you got to meet them!


  28. Margy says:

    Oh how fun you got to meet them! I totally hear you on the awkward part… I once met Tori Spelling at a book signing and I didn’t know what to say to her. So I commented on her shoes… and it went from there. :-)


  29. Angela Ross says:

    Im so jealous yall went, the weather scared me away. I believe I found your blog thru YHL, was it about your light fixture over the dining table maybe? Anyway, as you can probably figure out Im from Austin, born and raised. I would love a copy of their book. Thanks! I enjoy your blog. Angela


  30. Kelly Meier says:

    You turned me on to reading yhl blog why back when I first started reading your blog. I am very jealous that they came to your city. They did not come to Milwaukee! I was excited to live vicariously through you when I opened your blog today. I too need to be in bed by 10 especially on a school night, must be a teacher thing. I would LOVE a signed copy of their book So, so much!


  31. LaMarie412 says:

    I would absolutely love a copy of this book, since I’m also slightly obsessed with YHL. I missed out on meeting them at the Boston book signing because I was home visiting family, so I’m hoping this is my chance to get a signed copy :-)


  32. Shoshanah says:

    I can’t remember ever going to a book signing. And while I would love to go to one, I am like you and feel like it would be awkward because I’m awful at small talk. Although I’m guessing whoever I was meeting wouldn’t remember me, unless of course I signed their book as well. I think the fact they had their fans sign their own book is so clever and such a great idea.

    And yes, I’d love to win a copy of their book!


  33. Tia D CT says:

    I love how you and Corey and Young House Love break these huge ominous projects into steps that are so doable. Makes doing projects feel more tangible and inspires me to do things around my husband and I’s new lil’ home. Would love to have a signed copy of their book!


  34. Lisa R. says:

    I’m so super jealous you got to meet them! I wasn’t able to make their Chicago stop. I’d LOVE a signed copy of their book. I want to do every single one of the projects they wrote about! I’ve never been to a book signing but would have loved to gone to this one!


  35. Challie says:

    So jealous that you got to meet them! I’m been following John and Sherry for years, and they never get old. :)

    I would be incredibly excited to win their book. I’m actually in school for interior design (and super broke, HA!) so I can’t afford to order it just yet. Thanks so much for doing this give-away!


  36. Alexes Simon says:

    I love the Petersiks!!! I wish they would come to Louisiana, we are about to close on our first home and this would be a perfect House Warming gift pick me please!!!!


  37. Lauren says:

    I’ve only been to two book signings. One was at college for an author my roommate took me to hear, and the other was getting a book signed for my best friend’s dad (the author was one of his former professors!)…. So neither had anything to do with me. Oops!

    I would be a total fangirl over going to a YHL reading. I can’t blame you at all!


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