Our Christmas Cards

Now that our cards are finally sent off and (hopefully) in the hands of their intended recipients, I can share what they look like. I’m so in love with how they turned out, and I’m so excited that we were able to do this again this year! Sending Christmas cards isn’t something I really remember doing as a kid – I’m sure my mom sent them, but they were always just store-bought cards and I always loved admiring the cards from friends and family who included information about their year and photos of their family. So, of course, it’s awesome to be able to send out one of those very same cards I swooned over as a child!

Corey and I snapped this photo in our backyard back in October-ish, and we were both incredibly grumpy during this entire mini-photoshoot because it was 80-ish degrees outside and we were miserable in our winter gear…but we wanted it to look authentic! We tried a couple of shots with the dogs, too, but that totally didn’t happen. They’re pretty hopeless.

The back is my favorite part – I love reading little snippets of people’s lives (maybe why I’m so addicting to stalking Twitter?) and I thought this was a fun way to share a few big things from our year without going into full-on newsletter mode.

I’m hoping the card makes a few of our friends and family smile – I feel like it’s becoming a thing of the past to send out Christmas cards, and that makes me so sad! I plan to keep the tradition alive as long as I can.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Anyone send out a family newsletter? I could never have the patience to write one, but I always love reading ’em!

5 thoughts on “Our Christmas Cards

  1. We received our card this week! We love it!!! I especially love the little bits of information about y’all’s year! I have also always loved personalized cards! Hopefully we will be able to send out cards next year.


  2. I love your card! I always love reading holiday letters and would love to do one eventually as well. I feel like without kids there isn’t necessarily a lot to tell, but I think something similar to what you guys did is a great idea.


  3. I love the bullet points on the back of the card! That is such a great idea without getting into too much detail! I also love that photo! Ya’ll did a great job! I wouldn’t have known you took it yourselves!


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