Friday Finds: Christmas Edition

Ahhh! It’s the LAST FRIDAY before Christmas! Can you believe it?! I know I can’t. I’ve been trying to soak up all of the Christmas-music-listening and other Christmas-y activities that I possibly can before it’s all over, and I am so sad it’s going to be gone so soon. Since we’re so close to Christmas, I thought today was the perfect day to share a few last-minute decorations and gift wrapping ideas! There is some awesome inspiration here, and even some printable that can help you with that last-minute-gift-opportunity that surprised you! Enjoy!

(Via Ellinee)

(Via Camille Styles)

(Via Vita Ranunkler)

(Via Jac o’lyn Murphy)

(Via Babble)

And with that, I’m off to survive my last 6 hours of school before I get a break! I can survive 6 more hours, right?!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Christmas Edition

  1. Technically, the Christmas season was the longest it can be this year since Thanksgiving was on the 22nd (the earliest it can be). Next year, Thanksgiving is on the 28th (the latest it can be) which means the Christmas season will be the shortest season. So I hope you are soaking it in this year because next year it will FLY by. :-)


    Amanda Reply:

    Huh, that’s interesting! I think since we’re getting out of school so late this year it feels much shorter! Last year we got out on the 16th!


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