Christmas Cookies

I’m obsessed with Christmas cookies.

Seriously. They’re like…the highlight of my life during the entire month of December. It’s always been a pretty big deal in my family to make Christmas cookies every year, and we usually have a completely insane amount of cookies – check out our stash last year:


I absolutely adore making Christmas cookies, and it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas is near until my kitchen is completely covered in flour, eggs, and tins of cookies. Corey and I have already baked one round of cookies, and we’ll be spending this weekend making another round.

We have a few recipes that we do every year, and then we usually try out a few new ones every year – today I’m rounding up all of the cookie recipes we are baking (or have already baked!) this year – trust me when I say these are all incredibly amazing!

(Peanut Butter Rollo Cookies – Via

(Giant M&M Cookies – Via How Sweet Eats)

(White Chocolate Macademia Nut Cookies – Via Cooking on the Side — We add dried cranberries to these, and they’re a huge hit!)

(Wooden Spoon Cookies – Via Good Housekeeping — These are the most challenging cookies I’ve ever made in my life, but if you follow the directions exactly – and practice a bit – they’re amazing and so gorgeous!)

(Glazed Lemon Cookies – Via Two Peas and Their Pod)

(Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies – Via How Sweet Eats)

And those are our cookie recipes this year! I’m so excited to finish up our baking this weekend…I’ve been itching to get it done all week!

Do you bake Christmas cookies? Anyone else as obsessed as I am?


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