Stopping to Stare At the Roses

We have some rose bushes on the side of our house, and I frequently curse how high maintenance they are (meaning, they actually have to be watered and pruned more than once a month). They’re pretty in theory, but they’re quite a pain to take care of for someone who has a thumb black enough to kill succulents, and more often than not they just look kind of sad. I consider just chopping them down and calling it a day on a very regular basis.

But then…they do this.


And it’s really hard to remember why I hate them so much.

Do you have any plants that you have a love/hate relationship with?

3 thoughts on “Stopping to Stare At the Roses

  1. My green pepper plant gives me a hard time. It was still growing fruit when the weather got cold, so I brought it inside, and it goes back and forth between looking sad/miserable and green/pretty.


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