I’ll Miss You, Football

I love college football season. It always reminds me of living in College Station and going to every single game we possibly could, and it makes me oh-so nostalgic for that wonderful time in our lives. And, of course, I love cheering on my Aggies every chance I possible can.

This weekend was our last game of the season (unless we get a bowl game) and we did it up right. We headed to some friends’ house, snacked on chips and salsa, and screamed our heads off as we cheered ’em on. It’s not quite the same as being in the stadium, but I’ll take it! Nothing will ever beat the experience of watching the game and cheering on the Aggies from good old Kyle Field – so, of course, after the game this weekend I had to go back and reminisce by looking at some old photos from the football games I went to in college.


Sigh. Someday soon we will make it back to a game in person! But for now, it’s time to put my jersey away until next year and hope desperately that I end up getting just one more game this season. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up with a Heisman winner (good old Johnny Football!)

Anyone else into college football? Even if you’re not an Aggie fan, you’ve gotta agree that the A&M vs. Bama game was pretty spectacular!

6 thoughts on “I’ll Miss You, Football

  1. I LOVE college football season too! I’m a Duck fan (got my law degree from Oregon) AND a Beaver fan (undergrad degree from Oregon State!), so there’s much football watching in my house come fall. The Ducks have had a heartbreaking end of their season, but it’s definitely been fun while it lasted. Can’t wait until college football season rolls around again!


  2. I’ll be attending my first college football game in December, the Russell Bowl in Orlando. Even though none of the teams mean anything to me, I cant wait! I went to SCAD, which is an art school without college football! Boohoo!


  3. It’s been a great season for the Aggies and I can’t wait to see which bowl game they will be playing in (I was hoping for the Cotton Bowl so I could go to it in Dallas, but right now the predictions are saying it’ll be the Capital One bowl vs. Michigan)! I’m also crossing my fingers for Johnny Football!


  4. Although that game wasn’t a happy one for us Bama fans, I do think A&M is a great addition to the SEC. Hopefully it will be just as exciting next time Bama and A&M meet up! Roll Tide!


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