Transformed Lamps (Yes, Again)

Um, remember these lamps?

We originally bought them ages ago from Goodwill back when we were living in College Station. They lived in our little duplex in two different places (not as a matching set) and as two different colors.

Then we moved to this house and had a big poll about what color we should paint them so that we could use them in our bedroom. They ended up yellow and lived in our room for a while.

THEN we got new lamps for our bedroom…

And these lamps got sidelined for a while. Until now. We decided recently that we wanted to use them in the guest room, and Corey’s always a fan of bringing more color in, so he requested kelly green to go with the other accents in the room. We had some in the workshop already, so I obliged (you know I’m all about a free project).

A couple of quick coats of spray paint later, and we’ve got some brand new (looking) lamps once again!

It’s obviously a minor project and a minor change, but it’s nice to finally have a matching set of lamps in here instead of just one tiny little lone lamp. And of course, it’s always fun to get some more color and a new element into this room. We haven’t done anything in here in quite a while, so I’m excited to make a (tiny) bit of progress in here again.

Did you tackle any cheap (or free) and easy projects this weekend? Anyone else have something in your house that just seems to migrate and change over and over?

12 thoughts on “Transformed Lamps (Yes, Again)

  1. I love reusing and repurposing. I just tried spray painting a frame last weekend for a fail. Did you encounter any problems with overlapping spray paint? Does the green look like it is a 2nd or 3rd color?


    Amanda Reply:

    I haven’t ever had problems! This was the fourth color they’ve been and they look totally fine!


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