So, this seems like a very unpopular opinion around this time of year, but…I’m so not a fan of Halloween.

I know. I’m ridiculous.

But seriously…I just don’t love it. I’ve never enjoyed dressing up, the dogs go crazy when people ring the doorbell, and we’re just close enough to December that I always feel like I’d rather just focus my energy on obsessing over Christmas.

So, yeah. Halloween isn’t my thing.

But now that Corey and I own a home and are settling in, we want to start coming up with traditions and ways to enjoy every holiday, especially the “bigger” ones – Halloween included. Last year we started a fun new tradition, and I think it’ll probably stick – it was fun enough to make me enjoy the night, but it didn’t require any effort at all, which always makes me happy. We got the idea for our little tradition from my friend Sandi, and it definitely makes Halloween feel just a little bit more special.

We ordered Chinese food…

Prepped a giant bowl of candy…

And put on a scary movie (last year our movie of choice was The Shining – also known as the most amazing horror movie of all time).

We didn’t actually pay much attention to the movie – with the constant doorbell ringing, it was almost impossible. But we sat on the couch, sipped on wine, and talked and laughed while the movie played in the background. It was the perfect way to spend our evening, and I kind of can’t wait to do it again. It’s a simple little tradition, and it’s something that we really could do on any random night, but something about it being on Halloween turns it into something fun and special.

Do you have any Halloween traditions? Any other weirdos out there don’t like Halloween either?

9 thoughts on “On Halloween

  1. Ooh me me me! And my little sister, actually. We always feel like total Grinchs, but I just don’t get Halloween. I hate being scared, hate scary movies, and hate the pressure that comes with finding a good costume. Couple that with the fact that we both have birthdays in the week before Halloween (so we constantly feel upstaged by the holiday), and it just isn’t my cup-of-tea.

    I love your tradition, though. So sweet!


  2. The Shining is hands down one of the only movies that can still scare the pants off me, no matter how many times I see it. Psycho is my all-time favorite though.

    Love this tradition!


  3. I’m not a fan of halloween either! Don’t like costumes, and I reeeallly don’t like scary things. I don’t even like the halloween episodes of my favorite tv shows! I know i’m ridiculous, so I usually just keep my mouth shut around halloween and make mysterious plans on the nights of our friends’ costume parties.

    One thing I do love: Novembver 1st candy sales!!


  4. Me! Actually, I am about to write a blog post on this very thing 😛 Halloween has never been very big here in NZ but it is growing in popularity and I just cant enjoy it. Im not a fan of scary things and the whole treatment of death as a dress-up activity confuses me.


  5. I’m the odd man out here. I love Halloween! The creepiness, the movies, the candy, the costumes, the parties! We went to a few halloween parties (for adults) this weekend and will put on a horror movie and hand out candy tomorrow. We always dress the doggies up, cause it’s cute and hilarious! :)


  6. Not a Halloween fan either! (And I laughed at how your dogs go nuts when the doorbell rings, can totally relate! Don’t you hate when the doorbell rings on a TV commercial? Haha.) Love your Halloween tradition though and how you guys are always looking to create new traditions together!


  7. I don’t like it either! I hate being scared, and I don’t really get why it is such a BIG holiday, with adults going crazy over it. It was fun as a kid, but now…. meh.
    I did sort of want to carve a pumpkin this year, although we didn’t in the end.


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