Injecting Some Color…

…into the dining room.


Y’all, Corey and I have worked hard on our dining room so far. We found the dining room table of our dreams, painted and reupholstered some cute chairs, added some curtains, and built an epic light fixture that is the star of the room. We’re also in the process of reupholstering our head chairs (and it’s turning out to be a never-ending process since I am so busy with school). So, all that to say, we’ve put a lot of work into this room so far.

But up until this point, it’s still been severely lacking in color. We had to be careful with the curtains because they’re so close to the bright and heavily-patterned curtains in the living room, and we wanted a dark fabric for the chairs so that dirt and food stains don’t show. We have plans to eventually bring in a rug with some color, and of course the upholstered head chairs will help a little, but in general this room has just been lacking some fun.

Which is exactly why we were so excited when we were at Ikea this weekend and found this absolutely gorgeous, incredibly colorful, super large canvas print for only $40!

(Via Ikea)

It has all of the colors we are using throughout the main floor of our house and it ties in nicely to the plates we keep on the dining room table. It’s next to impossible to find any prints or canvases this large for that good of a deal, so we were thrilled to be able to snatch it up! And once we got it in the room, we knew we had made a good decision – it looks perfect!

I’m oh so in love with how this print looks in the room, and it feels so good to have some color in here. This print is also scaled much better than the old yellow canvases were – they’re really cute, but they are so small that they really just looked silly on such a big space!

I feel like this room is one giant step closer to completion! We still need to do some much more large-scale things like upgrading to wood flooring, adding some fun texture to the fireplace with faux stone, adding a rug to bring in some more color, and several other things that I’m sure will pop up as we work. But, I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job with our progress so far, and I’m so excited about the direction this room is going in!

Have you bought any fun art lately? Anyone else have any rooms that are dying for some color?

9 thoughts on “Injecting Some Color…

  1. I love your choice. I don’t know that I would have picked it in a store but I think it really goes with the room. I got a lovely painting in a beautiful frame at Goodwill for $2. I think really completes our study.


  2. I love it and think it works so well in the dinning! I just love the way you’re dinning room has come together in the past months and it definitely make me want to work a bit more on ours.


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