An Awkward Corner, Filled

Ever since the day that we moved into our house, a little over a year (!!) ago, and we plopped our giant Ikea mirror into a corner in the living room, I’ve stared at that little corner on a near daily basis and cursed it for looking so awkward, empty, and just generally ugly.

We weren’t really sure how to handle the awkward space behind our couch, but we knew that throwing a mirror against the wall and calling it a day definitely wasn’t part of the plan. After a year of living here, the only thing we knew for sure this corner was good for was our Christmas tree.

Well, we finally recently hit our boiling point with this corner of the room, and we just couldn’t take how empty and strange it was looking anymore, and since it’s not socially acceptable to leave your Christmas tree out all year long (boo!) – we had to do something about it. Luckily, we had just the thing in mind, as we had been admiring/drooling over Ikea’s new line of Vittsjö bookcases for a while – they’re simple, cheap (only $70!), and just so happen to be exactly the right size for our corner.

(Via Ikea)

And, of course, after I showed Corey the gold ones that were featured on Little Green Notebook a few months ago, he decided that we had to do the same thing for our awkward little corner.

(Via Little Green Notebook)

So, off to Ikea we went! I’ll admit, I didn’t take any photos of the process here – I just followed the directions to put to bookcase together, sprayed it with a few quick coats of spray paint (Rustoleum metallic brass for the win!) and brought it back into the room once it had dried! We originally had grand plans to replace the glass shelving with stained wood or something along those lines, but once we got the shelf into the room we realized that we absolutely loved how the glass brought in a new material to the room and helped the bookcase feel nice and light – it fills the space perfectly!

I definitely still have some work to do in the styling department, but it wasn’t until we actually got this guy in place that we realized we really don’t have a ton of extra trinkets or tchotchkes laying around the house to decorate with – I guess that’s going to have to change soon! For now, I just tossed a few random things on the shelves for the purpose of showing you how it looks in the room, but I’m sure the look of the bookcase will constantly be evolving as we add to it and switch it up.

Since I’m sure no one is actually paying attention to the book titles in the bookcase, allow me to point out to you that in the process of setting this guy up I discovered that I have not one, not two, but FOUR copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. How does that even happen? I guess this proves that it’s definitely my favorite book ever!

Oh, and for those of you who happened to notice that my beloved white elephant is missing from this photo…about that…

Sigh. There may or may not have been tears over this incident. Corey has this poor little guy out in the workshop and we’re going to see what we can do to fix him up – we’re tossing around the idea of filling the bottom with a little bit of sand before we glue the trunk back on so that we can hopefully prevent another unfortunate fall. Poor elephant.

But, back on a happier track, I’m so happy to finally have something a bit more substantial and useful in this corner – it no longer feels like a waste of space to me! And, if you’re wondering where the mirror went, it has found a new home in our bedroom for now – but it’ll probably migrate to about seven different places before it finds a permanent landing spot!

Do you have any weird spaces in your house that you don’t know how to fill up? What do you love to fill your bookcases with? I obviously am in need of some ideas for mine!

20 thoughts on “An Awkward Corner, Filled

  1. I love it!! Also a little jealous of your styling skills! I think I need to buy more pretty books. The only ones I have are cheesy crime novel paperbacks and photography books (which tend to all be black, which is not super cute). Ah well.

    Also– YES. We have a super awkward large nook off to the side of the “man cave” which I don’t know if I’ve ever shown on my blog because there is nothing there but some rock band drums and some random stuff like boxes and white boards lol. It was intended to be a bar area, but my husband doesn’t drink so having the builder put a bar there seemed dumb. We hope eventually it might be a poker area? But poker tables are SO EXPENSIVE so for now it sits bare, sad, and empty.


  2. I love the shelf, and your styling too! We have an IKEA bookshelf that I tried to style, but it now has books double-stacked on almost every shelf, so it’s not the prettiest anymore.


  3. Um… books? Our bookshelves are definitely filled with books.
    There’s a few photos in that post, but they’re in the background of just about every photo I take in my house, as we’ve got 5 big ones and a few smaller ones.

    I have to admit, I find a house without books a little empty and sad – glad to see a few down there at the bottom of the bookcase!


    Amanda Reply:

    Oh, we have a TON of books upstairs in our workout room in a different bookcase – I just don’t display them all!


  4. LOVE!! I would so do this, but with a little one squirming around, I don’t think I should introduce more bookcases or glass. But that said. I am super jealous. I love what you did!


  5. It’s perfect!! I love the row of colored books on the bottom. The whole thing is so bright and cheery and really works well there. The pictures look really nice too!


  6. The shelves look wonderful!!!! And I am very sorry about your elephant :(

    Also- where did you get those curtains? They are EXACTLY what we want for our living room!!!!


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks! :) I made the curtains – I got the fabric online from Tonic Living!


  7. I love the new bookcase! I am extraordinarily jealous of your proximity to an Ikea, let me tell you. I have a large bookcase that arches over my bed in my parents’ house that I am in the process of reorganizing. So far, I have books on a few shelves, but mostly trinkets, and memorabilia (there may or may not be an entire maroon and white shelf for my alma mater (Mississippi State) and my grandfather’s (Texas A&M). Apparently, I have an odds and ends weakness. One way I like to help fill up shelves though is using small (but interesting) picture frames. I think photos of family and friends helps personalize it, but with the right frames, it doesn’t make it any less decorative either. :)


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